Happy Birthday to Us!

So I gave the secret away already. Yes this Thursday, October 25th, is mine and Anjanette’s Birthday (Is that sentence correct? Sounds weird, but you know what I mean.). How old will we be?? Old AF!!! Fifty freakin two. I can hardly write it. I ask myself every year, “Self, how the Hell did we get so old?” I seriously have a hard time accepting that I’m now IN my fifties.

How does it feel to be 52??? I’d like to write some positive, poetic, inspiring words to describe it, but we all know that’s just not me. Lol. I’m about to get real here, so if ya can’t take it, ya better click on over to some Rainbows and Sunshine Blog that’s gonna blow smoke up your booty. This ain’t it!

Getting older is HARD!!! I wake up in the morning and have to sit on the side of the bed to make sure my feet and legs are gonna work when they hit the floor. Something aches ALL THE TIME! My knees, my feet, my hips, something all the time! Once I turned 50 my body decided to shift and spread like the San Andreas Fault. I now have a muffin Top and a nice little FUPA (Fat Upper Pus*y Area) that just won’t budge! I work out harder and eat less than I did in my forties just to make sure my muffin Top doesn’t drop and cover up my FUPA. Lol. My ass, the one part of my body that has always been poppin, is starting to look like a pancake. And yes Janice, I do squats and lunges on the regular. And yes Janice, I know I need to do heavy weights. My knees already sound like rocks grinding, I’m doing the best I can! Oh and let’s not forget the whole losing control of certain bodily functions, like passing gas. Yes sweet little 25 year old, one day you will be walking across a room full of people and fart slam out loud without any warning! Then you will forever walk with your butt cheeks clinched a little tighter in fear of it happening again. Good times, good times! I’ve heard people say”Oh I love getting older. I’m so much wiser now.” Girl let me tell ya, I’d trade all that wisdom for my 25 year old body in a skinny minute!! NO LIE!

As if the body stuff weren’t enough, getting older means staring in the face of your mortality. It’s realizing, as my Daddy used to say, “It’s all downhill from here.” Yes I know any of us can die at any time (more fun thoughts), but when you’re on the other side of 50 you start to realize how quickly time is passing by and how little of it is left. My mother died at 79 and I’m 52. That’s 27 more years! And my children are getting older too. Every year they need me less and less and I need them more and more. Some say “It’s just how it’s supposed to be.” To that I say Shut the F up! It sure doesn’t make it any easier.

With all that being said, I know that turning 52 is a blessing!!! While my body aches and holds weight like never before, it’s still healthy and strong. While it may take me a bit longer to get up and get going, I can still get up and go. Yes my days are numbered, but that’s been true since my very first breath. Yes my children are getting older, but I have the privilege of being here to watch them grow. Being 52 means caring less about stuff and things and opinions of others and caring more about relationships and time and peace of mind. Am I everything I had hoped to be at this age?? NOPE! Am I enough? YEP!

To celebrate the passing of another year, we got together with the people that mean the most to me in this world, my family. Unfortunately Anjanette couldn’t make it, but we will celebrate together real soon.

A minute of peace before the gang arrives.

My handsome boys, Charlie and Daniel. We were celebrating Daniel’s 14th as well.

All the girls partying on the front porch!

The sweetest gift my husband and boys have ever given me. A quilt made of my boys’ special jerseys, band shirts, patches, etc. How amazing is that?!?!?!

Dang it I’m the worst for taking pictures during family functions. I meant to take so many more. The ones I did take sucked. Sorry y’all. Just know we had a great time eating, drinking and catching up. There’s nothing better!

PS: Isn’t my flannel peplum top adorable?? And it’s amazingly soft!! You can find it HERE.


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  1. Omgosh, I’m laughing my butt off this early Monday morning! You are spot on about the joys of life over fifty. That muffin top shit kills me the most. So, I started walking…and walking…and walking. It helps some, but? Yes, it’s all worth it though and I consider myself a badass for taking olg age head on! Happy Birthday to you both!!!

  2. Oh my that was a good laugh, but all so true! I can so relate! I have never been “skinny” but now I gain weight because I’m breathing! Never mind actually eating! You are 51 and fabulous and you will still be fabulous at 52! Love you sweet friend!! 😊😂💜

  3. Girl, you make me laugh so hard….it’s funny, but I still see us all as we were all those years ago, sure we’re all older but we made it and in fact we’re still here making our statement!! You and Anjanette always look good, back in grade school, middle and high until now…. Thx for sharing and I really wish I were geographically close enough to celebrate #52 with you guys in person !! God. Bless and love you both!!

    1. We have so many good memories from our days in Green Pines! We were very blessed to have the childhood we had. Thank you for all your kind words! Please let me know the next time you are in NC. I would love to get together!

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