Birthday Week: Part 2

Well, I’m sure you know by now that tomorrow, October 25th, is mine and Antoinette’s 52nd Birthday.  Lord have mercy!!!!  It really is hard to believe.  I mean, parts of me are well aware of my age, but in my mind, I am still in my 30’s.  That is, until I actually see someone in their 30’s and then I realize, CRAP, I’m not that young any more.

Birthdays, along with every other holiday, make me miss my parents even more than usual.  When Antoinette and I were growing up we ALWAYS had our birthday parties together.  We shared all of the same friends, so why have 2 celebrations?  Plus,  that wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun.  Mama always made us a cake and both of our names were sung during the birthday song.  It went something like “Happy Birthday Anjanette and Antoinette…” Lord what a mouthful! My name was always first. I am 10 minutes older ya know. 😜

Once we got into our teens and too old for birthday parties, we would still get together with family at Mama and Daddy’s.  Mama would make us our favorite meal of fried chicken, rice with chicken gravy, and green beans. It wasn’t your Birthday till you had Myrtle’s fried chicken! There was still a cake, candles, and singing.  My Daddy, around that same time, started giving me and Antoinette Birthday goody bags.  He would go to Walmart and peruse the aisles picking up little things he thought we may like. It usually consisted of pens, little tissue packets, lip balm, gum and candy.  It was just the sweetest thing! We looked forward to those little bags like they were full of gold. One year he even found us a little snow globe that I still cherish to this day.  It has “Cheers to the Leader” inscribed along the bottom and a little cheerleader inside.  Antoinette and I cheered for many years, and Mama and Daddy rarely missed a game.  They were proud to say “those are our girls.”  Lord I miss them and the little (and big) things they did to let us know how special we were.

Antoinette and I and our sweet baby boys.

Celebrating our 50th in Savannah.

Cheers to another year!!!

Even though I feel super old sometimes,  I still love my birthday.  I am all about a day dedicated to ME, ME, ME. Oh, and Antoinette.  When you’re a twin, sharing everything is part of the deal.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.

So,  I hope our next year brings more laughs and love, smaller fupa’s and muffin tops (especially for me), and less spontaneous wind breaking (for Antoinette😜).  Winning the billion dollar lottery would be pretty damn nice too!!!


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  1. What sweet memories you have. I love the gift bags your Daddy put together. How cute is that?! I hope you two younguns have another fantastic birthday and year!

  2. Happy Happy Belated Birthday Ladies!! You both crack me up! Hope you had a wonderful ME day!!! Love you and your blog!

  3. Oh, you guys parents are awesome!!!! Precious memories. God bless you both in this 52nd year with many more to come!!!

  4. OMG! How did I miss yall’s Birthday? I guess I was so busy with my kids birthdays on Oct. 9th, 23rd and 24th…..actually all were due on the same day….go figure…Ken’s business conventions. So, we have a New Orleans Baby, an Alcapulco Baby, and a Disneyland Baby. Needless to say if I had gone to San Francisco, I would have had twins like y’all. ..and now I wish, I had seeing all the love you two share! And yes, there are so many twins in the hubs family, I can’t keep up with them all. So Happy Belated Birthday to two of my 3 favorite Nettes with major shopping skills.!

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