More Birthday Fun!

Well, I survived my birthday!  So far 52 feels a lot like 51 m, which felt a lot like 50.  I mean, after 45, it’s all kind of the same.  Not sure how long that will hold true.  Hopefully for a while.

My boyfriend Lindsay and I started our birthday celebration this past weekend in Clemson, SC.  Lindsay turned 48 on October 21st.  DON’T YOU DARE CALL ME A COUGAR!!!  In my head I believe I look just as young as he does. Please don’t tell me if I’m delusional.   Just let me live in my fantasy land.  Oh, I weigh 115lbs in that same fantasy land.  Don’t ruin it for me. Ok?

We went to Clemson to see my NC State Wolfpack take on Bryce’s (my oldest son) Clemson Tigers in football.  It was pitched as one of the big games of the day.  The one to watch!  Both teams were undefeated, and the Wolfpack had given the Tigers a run for their money the past 2 years.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to NC State for having attended this game.  When it comes to sports teams, I am the kiss of death.  Any and all teams that I pull for can NEVER seem to come through with a win when it counts.  It is so damn frustrating!!! Just once I would love for my team to surprise me.  It didn’t happen this time.  Oh well, we had a blast anyway.

My Handsome boy Bryce and I having a tailgate toast.

Thumbs up to this tailgate!

Check out these cool Homecoming floats made from small pieces of colored plastic paper.

Another colorful float.

Bryce, Lindsay, and I were invited to tailgate with some parents from his daughter’s soccer team.  Did you follow all that?  Ryan and Erin were so welcoming and had quite the set-up.  We had plenty of food, drinks, music, and a big screen tv under a tent so we could keep up with all the games being played.

We could have stayed outside the game gate and had plenty of fun, but I bought these tickets for a reason.  So in we went.  Bryce headed to his good seats while Lindsay and I went up, up, up to ours.  This college football stuff is a lot easier to handle if you are college aged.  Man,  did I feel my age that day.

Lindsay and I stayed long enough for Clemson to take a 21-0 lead and for my extra small bladder to feel as though it was gonna explode.  Off we went back down, down, down to the restroom, and while I was there, Clemson scored AGAIN.  That was it!  We were outta there.  I wasn’t gonna climb back up all of those stairs in order to witness a big ole ass whoopin! We headed back to the tailgate for a final drink and then back home we went.

Although my Wolfpack lost, I am happy that we were able to hang out with my boy (who was delighted with the outcome) and make  some new friends.  It was a fun pre-birthday celebration.

So that’s it for our Birthday week. Dang it! Thanks for coming along with us as we celebrated the passing of another year. It will be back to regularly scheduled programming on Monday. See ya then!


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