Grab Your Coat!

So apparently we aren’t gonna have a Fall this year in my neck of the woods. I swear when I was growing up here in NC, we had a distinct Fall that led into a distinct Winter. Now we go straight from sweat rolling betwixt my boobs to booger freezing cold! Nowhere is this more obvious than at the baseball field. I swear two weeks ago we were sitting at my son’s ball tournament in shorts and tank tops sweating like a cat burying a poop on a marble floor. This weekend we had to pull out our long pants, sweatshirts, scarves, gloves and coats.

Speaking of coats (how’s that for a segway?), this week we will be sharing some of our favorite coats, blazers, capes, wraps, etc. Ya know, all the things that keep you stylish and snuggly warm.

Coat// Blouse// Jeans// Boots// Purse

This beautiful winter white Michael Kors coat is my favorite coat of all time! I just adore the classic double breasted styling with the sweet feminine cut. The brown buttons and pretty wide cuffs lend additional class to this beauty. It’s so dang good looking I can hardly stand it. I’ve had this coat for approximately 7 years now, and it’s just as in style now as it was then. That’s a testament to its classic styling. Don’t be afraid to put some green into a good coat. Just like a pair of good boots, it will serve you year after year. Similar coats can be found Here, Here and Here. Oh and just take a peek at the cool Tory Burch purse my sweet husband got me for my Birthday. That man got some good lovin for that bad boy! Lol

Last year I went out in search of a classic yet cool black coat. One I could wear with everything from a nice skirt to distressed jeans. Why oh why is it always so hard to find something when you know exactly what you’re looking for?? After trying on EVERY dang black coat in the Raleigh/Durham area, I finally landed on this lovely shawl collared wrap coat from Calvin Klein (Similar Here). It is a substantial weight but not so heavy as to make my shoulders ache when I wear it. The fabric is soft, warm and NOT at all itchy. While I love the look of wool, the poor skin on my neck can’t handle it. I’m just a delicate little flower. 😜 Again, was this coat cheap? Nope! Has it been worth every penny I paid for it? Yes, Yes, Yes! I will be wearing this coat for many years to come.

Ok I can’t even put into words how much I love this badass blazer. Isn’t she just gorgeous!!! I was out shopping with a friend when we decided to pop into Talbots. I don’t tend to shop at Talbots regularly, but they do have some beautiful classic pieces, and their customer service is top notch.  When I saw this green tweed, fur collared blazer I seriously choked up. I grabbed it and held it and snuggled it like a baby. I mean seriously, just look at it in all its preppy glory!!! Wait, I need a moment…………………….Ok, ok I’m good. On top of finding such a glorious piece, it was also ON SALE! Wait, wait, I need another moment…………….Oh that was a good day! A mighty good day! This blazer paired with my beautiful Frye riding boots is pure perfection, if I do say so myself. Unfortunately this blazer is not available online. A similar version can be found Here.

I had several other coats I really wanted to share, but my photographer, aka my husband, had seen enough. Lol. I promise to share more later.

Thank y’all for stopping by today. I can’t wait to see what Anjanette will share on Wednesday!! That girl has coats out the ying yang! Don’t forget to stop back by.


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