Coats Galore

Hey! Hey! Hey! Did you survive Halloween?? We made the most of it at my house, because this may have been my youngest’s last year trick-or-treating. 😔 Ugh I sure hope not. So he and several of his friends put on a hodgepodge of costumes, including an Alien Hotdog, a Soccer playing werewolf, a punk rock pimp and a Rasta Chucky, and hit the hood. Despite the fact that half my neighborhood is too dang cheap to hand out candy 😡, they got a pretty good haul. While I about made myself sick eating Reese’s and Snickers, I will put in a personal request for more Baby Ruth’s and Butterfingers next year. Come on and help a sister out!

Now onto some more beautiful coats! Again I rounded up some of my favorites from a variety of online retailers. I’m gonna go broke doing this. Somehow I find something I just HAVE to buy every time! It’s all y’all’s fault!! Ha! I hope y’all find something to buy too. And remember, we earn a small commission from participating links on this site. So let’s go SHOPPING!!!

Leopard Print Top Coat by JCrew

Fleece Jacket by Patagonia

Rain Coat by A New Day at Target

Double- Breasted Trench Coat from Chicwish

Belted Wrap Coat by Tahari

Thermoball Jacket by The North Face

Double-Breasted Cape Coat from Chicwish

Plaid Puffer Jacket from Forever21

Reversible Sherpa Moto Jacket by Marrakech

Ooooo which one should I buy first?? Maybe I should just add them to my Christmas list. Which one is your favorite? I think I’m gonna have to start with the reversible Sherpa! It’s just too dang cool!

Hope all of you have a great weekend!  We will be spending it on the ball field again. It doesn’t get much better than that!


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