Christmas Gift Guide for Her

Yes, yes I know it’s just the beginning of November, but now is the time to start that Christmas list!!! As much as I LOVE to shop, Christmas shopping can be daunting. I mean I know exactly what to buy for myself, but buying for my family and friends can drive me NUTS! I put A LOT of thought into my gifts, especially at the beginning of November. Now by the time the middle of December rolls around, I’m liable to buy you a crochet doll toilet paper holder just to mark you off my list. Lol. True story!

If us Nettes are anything, we are helpful when it comes to telling people how to spend their money! So this week we will be sharing some of our best gift ideas. Today my gift guide is for all the ladies in your life. This may be your Mama, your Grandma, your sister, your niece, etc. I’ve tried to include a variety of price points, but if you’re looking to spend $10.00 on the woman that birthed you, this ain’t the guide for you.

1. David Yurman Bracelet– I know, I know, I know, I have included this before in a Gift Guide, but it’s a classic. I also know it’s a splurge, at least it is for me, but it goes with everything! Really, this is that one Bracelet you will NEVER take off! I can guarantee you this gift will get you some major shuga from whoever you give it to. If you don’t dig the silver with the gold tips, you can get this in a number of combinations.

2. Kendra Scott Leanor Pendant Necklace– I am totally in love with this sweet but totally cool little necklace. It’s not the standard Kendra Scott you see on everyone (which I own and love). It comes in a number of beautiful colors , but this pink is my favorite! This necklace is seriously at the top of my Christmas list ( hint, hint). The price is also much more doable than the David Yurman, and will still getcha some major love.

3. Euphoria by Calvin Klein– This is my everyday fragrance, and I love it!! I am not one that digs a lot of different fragrances. I find one that I truly love, and I stick with it. This one also reminds me of my sweet Mama. While this fragrance may not be for everyone, a nice gift set is always a winner! I always look for the sets that include a travel size perfume for her purse.

4. LLBean Boots– This is one of the best and most practical gifts you can give. LLBean duck boots are simply the best, in my opinion. I have given these as gifts the last two years, and the recipients were just tickled with them! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I personally don’t own a pair. I have no idea how that has happened, but I hope Santa will rectify that situation soon. Ha! This gift guide is quickly turning into my personal Christmas wish list. These come in a number of heights and colors, so go crazy! No these are not cheap, but they should last you FOREVER!

5.  Cuddl Duds Throw– Ok people you will hunt me down just to thank me personally for this one! No lie! A while back I spent the night at my BFF Lisa’s house. On her guest bed was the softest, warmest most snuggly comforter I had ever slept under. I knew then and there I had to have one for each of my boys. They have adored their comforters. This is the smaller throw version of their full sized comforters. This would be the absolute best gift for every cotton picking person on your Christmas list! I am completely and totally serious. If you want to make it super special, have it monogrammed. Oh, there’s also a version of this throw with a foot pocket!!! Yes a fur lined pocket that you stick your ice cold feet in that, in turn, keeps your blanket/throw from falling off. How dang genius is that?!?! Don’t we live in a magical world?

6. Fossil Mixed Metal Watch– I have been a major Fossil Watch fan for quite a while now. Maybe that’s because we live near a Fossil Outlet. I own three of their watches, and they have been great thus far. While they are classic, good looking watches, they are pretty easy on the pocketbook. I am digging this mixed metal version because it will go with everything. A watch always makes a special gift. This one will not disappoint.

7. Madewell Medium Transport Tote– Oh Lort how awesome is this beautiful leather tote? I have had my eyes on this lovely for a while now, but just haven’t pulled the trigger. I have held it and loved on it in store (that got me some funny looks. Mind ya business Janice. I’m just loving on a purse over here). The leather is like butter I tell ya! Like butter! I don’t typically spend a ton on my purses, but I do appreciate excellent quality, and am willing to pay for it. Crap in the blogging world, folks apparently drop $1500 for a purse without missing a beat. Uhhhh that’s not the world I live in, but good for y’all!! Maybe one day. In the meantime, this Tote is a beautiful and much more affordable option.

8. Ralph Lauren Flannel PJs– OMG how pretty are these sweet little PJs?!?! I am a hard core sucker for a beautiful paisley print! And a pretty paisley print in pink is just about more than my little preppy heart can take. Now I know everybody likes to sleep in something different. Heck my Mama had a list a mile long of what she liked and didn’t like in her sleep/loungewear. No lace, no buttons, snap closure with pockets. That was just a few of her requirements. But if you have someone on your list that likes classic, lightweight flannel pajamas, it doesn’t get much better than these. I already know who’s getting a pair from me for Christmas.

I could go on and on and on with this gift guide. I just love giving someone that perfect gift, and I think there’s something here for everyone! You’re welcome!!

So all the ladies are covered for Christmas, but what about the dudes in your life? Don’t you fret! Anjanette will be here Wednesday to save the day. Heck, we already know what our husbands want anyway 😜.


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