Gift Guide Teen Edition

I don’t know about y’all, but buying for the teens in my life is enough to make my stomach hurt. My boys can’t even come up with anything to ask for for Christmas! Ya wanna know why?? Because they are spoiled ass rotten, that’s why!!! They both get waaayyyy more than they should throughout the year, but that’s just because they are the BEST boys ever! 😜 I’ve even stooped to interrogating their friends as to what they are getting for Christmas.  All I get is mumbling and “I don’t know.”  What did I expect from a bunch of 14 year old boys?  Dang it!

Being the helpers that we are, us Nettes started searching online for some super cool gift ideas for our teens and yours. Again I feel like the teen girls are so much easier to buy for than the guys, but I think we found some winners for both. ENJOY!

1. JBL Bluetooth SpeakerNow I’ll be the first to admit I’m the least gadget/tech savvy person around. I’m embarrassed to say I still don’t know how a Bluetooth speaker works. Fortunately I have my boys to help me out! My oldest got this exact speaker for his last Birthday, and he’s been very happy with it. It has great sound quality, especially for the price. Plus it’s waterproof!!! How cool is that?!?! I think Santa may be bringing this to another teen in my house. Shhhhh!

2. Anything Vineyard VinesI don’t know how it is in your area, but in my neck of the woods Vineyard Vines is the ish!! This 1/4 zip Pullover is a great basic, and a number of colors are currently on Sale. Also, if you order directly from Vineyard Vines make sure to mark the box for a gift box. They have the nicest boxes ever, and they are free. Of course they should be for what they are charging for their clothes!!

3. Play- A Sephora Monthly Subscription BoxYes Sephora has a monthly subscription box for just $10.00 a month!!! What does it include?? It includes 5 sample size beauty products that may include fragrance, skincare or make-up. The selections are based on the online profile you provide. Man I would have soooo loved this as a teenager!! How fun to get a little surprise in the mail every month for just $10.00!! This is the perfect gift for all your make-up enthusiasts!

4. What Do You Meme? Card GameThis game looks hilarious!! You and I both know, everybody loves a good Meme. Well, this game gives you the opportunity to create your own by matching the best Caption Card with the Photo Card in play. A judge then determines whose Meme is the best. This is a pee in your pants laughing kind of game! My favorite!!

5. Apple Air PodsDon’t you hate it when you spend a bunch of money on THE gift your kid asks for and they end up rarely using it?  Yep, me too!!! That’s why, when my youngest son Nathan asked for Apple Air Pods for his birthday, I was leery. Well let me tell you what, they have been worth every penny!! The earphones automatically sync up with the closest i-phone to play either your music or YouTube videos.  Nathan has used them every single day since he received them.

6. Cool Phone CaseYou think you have seen every kind of phone case in the world? WRONG!  Check out this sleek wooden one from Oakywood.  Each case is crafted from real cherry or walnut and hand polished to attain a natural wood shine.  Oakywood is a small batch woodworking workshop that’s passionate about making high-quality products.  Right now they are offering 25% off so go check it out.

7. Rocket Dog Rain SneakersLook how cute these Rocket Dog sneaker rain boots are!! Any teenage girl, or grown girl for that matter, would love to get these for the holidays.  They come in 6 different colors/patterns and are reasonably priced at $49.99.

8. Adidas Mini BackpackThe last item on the list is for the sporty yet stylish girl on your list.  It is a mini size backpack, but it’s still plenty big enough to hold their keys, lip gloss, phone, etc.   All 4 colors are great, but I am partial to anything pink.

We sure hope these gift guides have been helpful to you. I know my folks may be seeing some of these items under our tree.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?? I’ve really got to get my butt in gear. Hopefully I can mark a few items off my list this weekend. Hopefully you can too!


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