Happy Chanukah!

So, you saw one of Antoinette’s Christmas traditions on Monday’s Post.  She goes with her family to pick out a tree every year at the same place near their home in Clayton.  

Well, my boys and I go to the same place each year to get our tree as well.  We go right out to my garage and drag my artificial tree into my family room.  It’s not quite as sentimental I suppose, but it works for us.

I love decorating the outside of my house almost more than the inside.  I mean, more people see the outside anyway, right?  I was so proud of myself for fashioning these planters together a couple of years ago.  I am NOT very crafty, but I think they turned out super cute and unique.  What do you think?

Dress// Leggings// Sweater// Hat// Combat Boots

Anyway, this week I chose to feature this cute flannel dress that I recently picked up from Zara.  The red, black, and green plaid remind me of my Christmas decorations.  It is so soft and is easy to throw on with black leggings and combat boots.When the temps get frosty, cozy up in this fuzzy oversized cardigan also from Zara.

I would like to thank my friend Melody for acting as my photographer this week.  Her beautiful home served as the perfect backdrop for my pictures.

I have worked for Melody and her family for over 4 years.  Until then, I am ashamed to say, I had made acquaintance with very few Jewish people.  I had been taught a little about their faith from, of all places,  my Southern Baptist youth group.  I have learned so much more from witnessing their love of their religion first-hand.  Most Friday afternoons Melody can be found in her kitchen braiding her homemade challah for their Shabbat Dinner.  Last November I was honored to attend their eldest daughter Sloane’s Bat-Mitzvah and celebration that followed.  I have seen the pride they have in their Jewish Faith and all that it stands for.  This weekend begins the 8 day celebration of lights.  I would like to wish the Fuhr Family, the Suzan Loeb Family and the entire Jewish Community a holiday season bright with joy and love.  Happy Chanukah!


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  1. Cool photos (even the garage!). Loved your photo shoot outfit and backgrounds. Nice! Is that a real dog?! Happy Chanukah – seems to be early this year. Thank you for reminding us of the beauty of the season – which surrounds all of us of different faiths!

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