10 Stocking Stuffers for Us Gals

Christmas is approaching at a breakneck rate!!! Are ya freakin out yet?? I’m trying so hard not to lose my crap just yet, but it’s getting tough!! I keep going shopping and coming home with more stuff for me and my boys. Yes Janice I know there’s a lot more people on my Gift list! I’m getting to them. Get off my back woman! Lol.

Today I thought I’d help you out with some cool little finds for the gals in your life. These would make cool little Secret Santa gifts or nice little stocking Stuffers. I like to have a few of these items on hand just in case someone shows up with that dang unexpected gift. Ugh!! Don’t ya hate when that happens?? Let a sista know if we’re exchanging gifts! Fo real!

1. IT Makeup KitThis awesome makeup kit includes 12 beautiful eye shadows and a lovely blush. This works for all your makeup enthusiasts. This kit is limited edition and is currently on SALE at Ulta. Go check it out!!!

2. CC BeanieI love these Beanies (or what we used to call toboggans) and just ordered one for myself ( I know, BIG SURPRISE). The faux fur Pom adds some sass to an otherwise simple little hat. These are so reasonably priced for the quality. These work for all age groups, from teenagers to old folks like myself.

3. Shea Butter Foot Cream Ok first off, I’m tickled to see this cream is still available online at Bath and Body Works. One of their Sales Chicks informed me last year it was being discontinued. Now I don’t know about you, but my poor heels look like I’ve walked across the dessert barefoot. The last time I had a pedicure, the poor lady kept showing me all the crap she had scraped off my feet. Yeah, yeah, just keep on scraping! This cream is just so rich and moisturizing. If I would use it like I should, my feet wouldn’t be so scary. It really is good stuff!

4. Fun Calendar This Redneck Calendar has become a Christmas tradition in our family. We used to buy it every year for my Daddy. He thought it was a hoot! When he passed away, I started buying it every year for my oldest son. He lets me keep it here at home while he’s away at school. If you know a bonafide redneck or someone that comes from a long line of proud rednecks, this calendar would make the perfect gift.

5. OPI Nail Polish SetYes I’m a sucker for a set and/or kit. I LOVE OPI nail polish! I know it can be quite pricey, but, as is often the case, you get what you pay for. OPI offers beautiful colors, and I always enjoy their creative names. This set includes 4 mini bottles with three lovely colors and a top coat. It’s online only at Ulta.

6. PureLYFT Clean Caffeine Sticks I have yet to try these, but they have been ordered! You just add this little flavor stick to your water, tea, etc, and it adds a 125mg of CLEAN caffeine from green coffee extract. These little stir sticks are offered in 4 different flavors including orange, lemon-lime, mixed berry and original. Maybe these will help me kick the diet soda habit. HA HA HA I crack myself up!!

7. Balega SocksI ask for a couple of pairs of these amazing socks every year! They are the BEST athletic socks I have ever worn!! They hug my foot and never bunch up or move around when you’re working out. They are also super durable and are made right here in Hickory, NC. If you have a runner in the family, these socks make the best gift! Check out their website for all their different cuts and colors.

8. Cool Multi ToolThis little multi-tool card is made of sturdy stainless steel and is smaller than a credit card. It contains 11 different tools in one, and can easily fit into your wallet. You will never have to use a table corner or your teeth to open that beer bottle again!! Ya can’t beat it for $2.29!!! Reviews do indicate, however, that shipping for this item can be quite slow.

9. Novelty Wine Bottle StoppersMeet Mr. And Mrs. Perky! They are your well endowed Bottle stoppers. These would make a hilarious Secret Santa, White Elephant gift or stocking stuffer for any of your wine-o friends! And this two pack is just over $10.00!

10. Tory Burch Key Chain Card Holder Ok this is a big splurge for a stocking stuffer, but isn’t it so cute!! This isn’t one of those gifts you keep in your extra gift closet. NOPE!! This is a stocking stuffer for someone super special like your daughter, Mother, best friend, etc. This is big enough for your credit cards, cash and a lipstick. You know, all your necessities. Nothing says love like a little Tory Burch.

Again, I hope you got a few good ideas for some cool stocking stuffers. There’s just so much goodness out there, it’s hard to narrow it down to 10. If you have any good ideas to share, please tell us about it in the comment section below.

Have a great week my friends!


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