10 Stocking Stuffers for the Dudes in Your Life

Now, as ya’ll know (if you’ve been reading our blog), my sister and I love to shop.  With that being said, buying gifts for everyone at Christmas just makes me giddy.  Well, until all the bills roll in in January 🙄😢.  Even more fun than buying the big gifts is picking out those cool stocking stuffers.  Following are 10 of my favorites for the fellas in your life.


1. Pee pee in the PottyYou will probably giggle at my first pick, but I can see it being very useful.  As a mom of 2 boys and a professional house cleaner, anything that will help the male gender hit their target more accurately is a wonderful thing.  I mean, they can’t seem to do it in the daylight so I know they are helpless in the dark.  This toilet night light and freshener will literally light their way.  It’s not just for men either.  It is great for those little ones who are afraid to go to the bathroom in the dark.  Just move towards the toilet and the motion sensor turns the light on.  Head back to bed and off the light goes.


2. Groovy Key HolderDoes your man walk around with a big ol bunch of keys in his pocket?  “Are those your keys or are you just glad to see me?”  LOL!!! This cool little gadget called a Keysmart helps to organize your keychain and transform it into a compact device.  It holds up to 14 keys plus your key fob.  You can also customize the Keysmart with accessories such as a bottle opener, nano light, and pocket clip.  Check out all the great deals they have going on right now.


3. Light It UpWhen I Googled the most popular stocking stuffers for men, cigars were always at the top of the list.  There is definitely something sexy about a man smoking a cigar.  I mean, not all the time, but on special occasions.  I actually like the smell of a good panetella. There are many places you can go to pick out a couple of nice ones for your man.  Even some upscale grocery stores have a Tinderbox cabinet that sell individual stogies.  You will certainly impress your man with this gift.


4. “Hey Can I Get a Light?”A lighter pairs well with the aforementioned cigars.  This classic Zippo lighter is great for any man on your gift list.  The black ice finish and custom engraving make it a super sexy keepsake.


5. I Need a Drink- Mini bottles of booze also make for a fun stocking stuffer on Christmas Morning.  Here in NC and SC you can pick up a variety of these babies from your local ABC or Red Dot Stores.  The liquor store also carries many gift sets that are only available during the holidays.  You can grab your man’s favorite bottle of something something and get extras, like shot glasses or pourers, at no extra cost.


6. Toasty PiggiesWho doesn’t love a nice warm pair of wool socks when it is freezing outside?  If your family is like mine, there always seems to be an exorbitant amount of socks without matches.  HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?!!  Because of this, socks always make for a practical gift.  Hey, not everything can be about fun!  These Bomba wool calf socks are a bit pricey but worth every penny.  Plus, Bomba donates a pair of socks to the homeless for every pair they sell.  Isn’t that nice?  A gift that gives twice.


7. Every Man Loves a Little TrimI don’t know how you feel about facial hair on your man, but I love it on mine.  It does have to be nicely trimmed and well-kempt though.  No  straggly stuff going on.  The Norelco OneBlade hybrid electric trimmer and shaver is made for men with any length of facial hair.  The user can choose at what length he would like to keep his stubble: 1mm, 3mm, or 5mm.  At less than $30, this is a must have for your fuzzy bear.


8. Mack Daddy ScrapperThis past week we got some snow and ice here in our neck of the woods.  It is at these times that one realizes what they need and do NOT have in order to clean said snow and ice from their vehicle.  This nifty telescopic Snow MOOver and Ice Scraper is a must have for any car.  You can extend the foam head to 55” to remove snow on your car, truck, suv, or van.  Don’t be that asshole (like I was this week) with the big chunk of ice and snow flying off the top of your Mama Van into the paths of other drivers.  There is also a removable ice scraper that features jaws made of extra thick plastic.  The jaws can be used to break up ice.  Put the scraper back onto the extendable pole to reach the middle of your windshield.  This baby has it all!!


9. I’m DyingI have seen these charging pads everywhere.  They are affordable, charge your phone quickly, and are super easy to use.  Just lay your phone on the pad and that’s it.  Now you do need a more up to date phone for it to be compatible.  Just make sure it will work with your gift recipient’s model of phone.  At this price you can afford to put one in every room of your house.  No more fighting over chargers.  Can you even imagine such a peaceful world?  You’re welcome!


10. Tell It Like It IsThe last stocking stuffer on my list I may have to buy for myself.  This pack of business cards can help you leave a message for all the crappy parkers you encounter on the daily.  That Mercedes that thinks it is entitled to take up 2 spaces in a crowded parking lot needs to be told he is an asshat!! I mean, maybe they are unaware.  Your man can be the public servant who brings it to their attention.  That has to feel good!

Just follow this list and you’ll be the HERO of Christmas!!! Us Nettes are pure public servants. Lol.

Meet us back here Friday for more stocking stuffer fun!


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  1. Omg you are hysterical. Maybe they don’t know??? I’m lmao here at work! I need those business cards in my stocking cause i love to teach people a thing or two 😳😁

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