Stocking Stuffers for Kids

OMG, OMG, OMG!!! It’s less than 2 weeks until Christmas PEOPLE!  At this point most of the big gifts are bought, and I start to sweat the stocking stuffers for my kids.  Also at this point I am broke AF!  I’ve never let being broke stop me, and I never will.  No matter how few coins you have left, you can still impress your kiddos with a spectacularly stuffed stocking.

1. Let’s SnuggleI discovered a store by me called Five Below.  I know. I know.  I’m a little late to the game.  They had so many cute girly things for $5 or less. Just look at this cozy soft fuzzy throw.  Do you see what I see? The label says cashmere!  Hell, I don’t know how much actual cashmere is in this thing, but at $5, I really don’t give a crap.

2. My What Cold Ears You HaveTo go with the fuzzy throw are these super cute earmuffs.  I mean, what girl doesn’t love rainbows and kittens?  These babies work for your 4 year old niece as well as your 15 year old daughter.

3. Who You Looking At?How many bags/totes are too many to own?  As far as I’m concerned, you can never have too many.  Especially when the bag has a furry panda bear face.  It’s perfect for your girl’s next sleepover.

4. What Did I Say?!Express yourself ladies!! It’s easy to do with one of these Cinematic Light Boxes or Felt Letter Boards.  Shoot, Mama could use one of these too.  When you need to spell it out for them to understand, this gift will definitely come in handy.

5. Hold On TightAs usual, when it comes to boys, the choices at Five Below were pretty slim.  I find I have to use my imagination a bit more for all the males on my list.

I did find a cheaper version of the Pop Socket here.  They had several designs from which to choose, and it will only set you back $5.

6. Wolfpack Baby- Lookey at what else they had a wide variety of!!! NC State (and Carolina🙄) items (In Store Only).  They had gloves, scarves, blankets, drawstring bags and lunch boxes.  I am loving this place!!

7. Bustin My BallsIn order to find a few more things for my kids’ stockings, I moved on to good ol Walmart.  If you can’t find what you need to finish off your list here, then you are screwed.

I think this baseball stress relief toy is so cool.  You squeeze it as tight as you can, and then it slowly returns to its original shape.  If that doesn’t work in making you less frazzled, you can always throw it at a wall.  Maybe that will do the trick!

7. I Double Dog Dare YouEveryone I know loves a good card game.  This new twist on an old favorite is right up my alley.  In Uno Dare you are “dared” to do silly things in order to keep from adding cards to your hand.  It’s a hell of a good time.

8. Pull My FingerNo stocking is truly complete in our house without at least one prank gift.  What is funnier than tooting sounds (toot sounds so much more dignified than fart)?  Nothing I tell ya!! We actually gave my daddy this gift one year, and he had more fun with it than you could ever imagine.  I guarantee whoever receives this will mess their britches up.  At least they will sound like they did😆😆😆

So now all the stockings should be good and stuffed. Whew glad I can mark that off my list! Sure hope this has helped y’all mark some things off your list too.  Now get out there and get that shopping done!!


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