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Hey y’all!! I still can’t believe The Holidays are over. That means it’s dreaded January, the month of the fat and the broke. I happen to be both!! So it’s time to get on the fit kick…….AGAIN.

Now I am in NO WAY an expert in fitness or nutrition. I am just a 50 something gal trying my damndest to fit into my clothes. I know y’all can relate! While searching for what works best for me, I think I have tried almost everything out there. That includes Weight Watchers, low carb, super low carb, Super super low carb,  clean eating, the boiled egg diet, the cabbage soup diet (also known as the “Shit yo pants Diet”), Slim Fast, etc. Lord it’s been a journey!!

So us Nettes have decided to make Fridays “Fit Friday”. We hope to share some real life fitness goals while holding ourselves accountable. We will see how this goes. 😜

Me and my 19 year old treadmill.

Lifting weights has become my favorite!!!

Running always sucks, but I won’t give up!

Now to say I overdid it over the holidays is the understatement of the year. I ate enough sugar to send myself into a diabetic coma. On top of all the sugar, there were rolls, stuffing, mashed potatoes, hash brown casserole, cheesy breakfast casserole, etc, etc, etc. I tried to play it cool in November, but went with the YOLO plan once December hit.

So how do I get my butt back in gear?? Well I try to take it one step at a time. Instead of saying “I’m cutting out all carbs and sugar, drinking 100 glasses of water a day and exercising 20xs a week”, I start with a small change that I know I can achieve and feel good about.

This week, to get back in the groove,  I challenged myself to drink 32ozs of water before allowing myself to eat anything. This has been a tough one for me because I HATE drinking water. Drinking water blows! I mean why would anyone drink water when there’s Diet Pepsi around?  I have to force myself to just guzzle it down. To add just a bit of flavor, I add about 4ozs of SimplyLemon Lite Lemonade to the 32ozs. Adding that splash of lemonade really helps me get the water down. Then I drink the next 32ozs throughout my day. I was able to get in my 64ozs of water all but one day this week. I’ve been peeing my brains out! Goodbye nasty toxins.

I also got back into my workout routine as of this past Sunday. I was hoping to do a little something every day, but that hasn’t happened. Instead of beating myself up for the days I didn’t make it happen, I’m gonna pat myself on the back for the days I kicked ass!

That’s it for this first week. No huge changes, just small positive changes that will add up. Once I turn these changes into more concrete habits, I will add another small change.

So if ya wanna join me, try drinking 3-4 glasses of water before allowing yourself to eat anything, and add a 30 minute workout to your day. If you can’t do 30 minutes, my motto is “Something is better than nothing.” Just get active people!

I’ll keep y’all posted on how this fitness journey is going, and I hope y’all  will share along the way as well! I know I’ll slip up, but I have to keep pushing forward. Let’s do this!!


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  1. way to go !!!!!
    the only ones that truly fail are the ones that do not learn anything from their mistakes
    you got this !!! 🙂
    “insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results” per Einstein

  2. You go girl!! I quit my nasty smoking habit on 1/1! Hardest thing to do in the world but now 5 days smoke free!! I hope it is not true that you gain weight when you quit smoking!! Lordy!!😲

    1. You go girl! I think you have the right idea not beating yourself up and taking small challenges. I’m gonna try the same cause this old body hurts 😫

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