Shopping My Closet

Sooooo every January it’s the same old thing. I make at least one resolution that sounds something like this “I am gonna get in control of my shopping problem. I’m gonna be smarter with my money. I’m gonna pay off some of our debt instead of buying another pair of boots”, etc, etc, etc. Ugh being a responsible adult SUCKS!!! This year is no different. This resolution is the main one I hope to achieve or at least improve on in the coming year.

Thus far I have gone two whole weeks without buying anything for myself. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but I’m celebrating every week. You hear me, every week!!! Truthfully it hasn’t been hard so far. I was so sick of shopping after Christmas that I haven’t even wanted to look. It’s kind of like when you eat everything in sight for a week, then decide to go on a diet. I know it’s gonna get tougher, especially once all the cute Spring stuff comes out. I’m taking it one week at a time.

Lord my closet is a HOT MESS!!!

So what’s a girl to do when she’s not shopping online or at the mall?? Go shopping in her own dang closet! If you’re like me, you have so much stuff you don’t even remember half of what’s in there. I stumbled across so many cute pieces I totally forgot about, including the sweater I’m wearing above. Come see what else I found!

I was so tickled when I came across this sweet embroidered top in my closet! I bought this years ago (Similar HERE and HERE), but have only worn it a few times. The detail on this blouse is just beautiful, and I love the delicate little sheer sleeves. It has a totally hippie, bohemian feel to me, but can be dressed up or down. I threw it on with my distressed jeans and my favorite Free People flats. What a perfect outfit for a lunch date with my girlfriends.

Eeeek how awesome is this Ralph Lauren military style jacket?!?!?! I found this guy last year at the Polo Outlet (Similar HERE). It was marked waaaay down, and I had a coupon, so I believe I got this beauty for about $70.00! I was beyond excited!!! Lord I love a good find! So I brought it home, lovingly hung it in my closet, and there it stayed. So sad. 😔. It’s perfect paired with a black cami, distressed denim and red flats. Unfortunately I didn’t have a necklace I was loving with this, so I made do. How have I not worn this out on a date night??  Oh yeah, we never have date nights. Another resolution to work on.

I will continue to shop my closet and share my finds with y’all. Let’s see if I can make it yet another week without shopping for myself. Fingers crossed! 🤞


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