Shopping My Closet: Part 2

This week’s challenge for The Nettes is to shop our very own closets.  I ask, did ya’’ll see the pictures last week of my mess?  Lord only knows what can be hiding in my walk-in…shoes, scarves, purses, sweaters, blouses, t-shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, small children, 5 years of tax returns, some naughty bits, OH MY!! What else might I find?

This tunic top/very short dress was one of the first pieces I purchased from Free People.  Lord, that was at least 5 years ago.  I love its easy style.  I can throw it on with my distressed jeggings and combat boots and I am one hip MaMa.  It’s generous cut is very forgiving so it looks good give or take 15lbs.  I should be wearing this all the time!  So glad I “found” it.

The second prize that my super full closet awarded me was this open front duster cardigan from Loft (Similar HERE and HERE).   The red, black, grey, and cream stripes make it super versatile.  It is lightweight and all I need these days to keep me comfortably warm.  I believe I have worn this beauty exactly 2 times.  Once, on the day I bought it and another time to my son’s baseball game (his colors at the time were red and black).  After that, it got thrown up into the black hole otherwise known as the top of my closet.  From there it got hidden amongst my other 600 sweaters where it stayed until yesterday.I sure wish I could find some damn money up there! Lol. Well, I will be able to save some Benjamins if I dig in my closet BEFORE I buy more of what I already have. Oh look, A SALE!!!

My next job is to clean that hell hole out and get it organized.  Lord help me!


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