Top 5 Favorites of 2018

Welp how’s your New Year going thus far?? I can’t believe we are already halfway through the month. Time just keeps moving on. I’m hanging tough on the “No New Clothes” resolution. Three weeks and counting people!!! Three Damn Weeks!!! Taking it one day at a time.

So since I don’t have anything new to share with y’all, I thought it would be fun to go back and look at my top 5 purchases/finds of 2018. It was pretty tough picking just 5, so I may have to throw in a few extras!

1. Root Cover Up Spray– First up is this magic spray sent down from heaven above!!! I LOVE this stuff so much!!! I know I’ve talked about this spray before, but it’s definitely worth mentioning again. I am so thankful to my sweet hairdresser for turning me onto this awesome spray. When your gray comes in as quickly as mine, this spray is a life saver. I can’t afford to get my roots done professionally every 4 weeks. I have to make it 6-8 weeks between colors, and this spray helps me do just that. I make sure to keep a bottle on hand at all times. I have used both brands above, and like them both equally.

2. It CC Color Correcting Cream-I know, I know, I’ve featured this awesome foundation before too, but it continues to be a favorite! Raenette gets the credit for discovering this amazing foundation. I have such a hard time with foundation due to my terribly dry skin. Once I find something that works, I stick with it. I had been a Clinique girl for forever and a day, so I was quite hesitant to give this a try. Lord I’m so glad I did!!! It provides full coverage without looking cakey. It makes my pores just disappear but doesn’t cause my skin to flake. It’s not cheap, but a little goes a long way, so one tube lasts forever. Oh and it provides a 50 SPF sunscreen. That is ALWAYS important!!!

3. Free People Pullover– Actually this outfit has 3 of my favorite finds! Let’s start with this fun little pullover. If you’ve done anything with me in the last month, you’ve seen this Free People pullover. I have worn it on repeat since I purchased it in December. This may have been my last purchase of 2018. If so, I ended the year on a high note. Oh how I love this coral color!! It literally looks good on everyone. I’m always on the lookout for simple, sharp pieces that have a little something extra. The wooden buttons at the shoulder add just enough to this pullover to make it special. Bonus! I will be able to wear this almost year round due to the weight of the fabric!

Booty popping all day!

These jeans are twerk worthy! Lol

4. American Eagle Jeggings- The day I found these jeans, I wasn’t even shopping for myself. I had popped into American Eagle to pick up some new Khakis for my youngest. Well they were having a buy one get one 50% off Sale. I had to run around trying to find something to buy at 50% off. I grabbed these jeggings, and the deal was done! They have a generous amount of stretch, which I’m really appreciating these days!! While so many jeans are priced well over $100, these are a very reasonable $60! Now I am well aware that most of the clothes from American Eagle are NOT cut for mature women, but these jeggings are the exception. I did have to go up a couple of sizes, which was a little tough on the ego. I got over it for the sake of these jeans. I’m so happy I happened upon these babies!

5. Free People Pointy Toe Flat– These flats from Free People are definitely one of my best purchases of 2018!!! Yes these were quite a splurge for me, but I am in love with them. I mean, I could marry these cool guys! Lol. It’s so rare to find something that always transitions an outfit from basic to badass. That’s these shoes! Oh how I would love a black pair, but we all know I can’t buy them now. DAMNIT!!!

EXTRA: Tory Burch Millers– There’s just NO WAY I could do a Favorites of 2018 list and not include my Miller sandals! If you remember, my sweet husband bought these for me after I had longed for them for years. It’s so funny. I’ll buy a couple of so-so items for $200 without even thinking about it, but have such a hard time shelling that out for a special item I will wear over and over and over. I can’t explain it. It makes no sense. Don’t be like me!!! Yes I know $200 is CRAZY for a pair of flip-flops, but these are just too cool for school! Now I’m coveting the red patent pair. Get behind me Satan!!!

Of course these are just a few of my favorites from 2018. I mean there were my overalls, my short-alls, my Madewell V-neck tees, my Frye cowboy boots, etc. etc. etc. So many pretties, so little time.

I sure hope you will try some of my faves! They are all winners in my book!


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