2018’s Top 5

As I know you have probably heard, us Nettes are trying our best NOT to buy anything for ourselves.  Well, for a couple of months anyway.  So far I have been sticking to my guns by staying off of my favorite online sites.  Instead of lusting after something I don’t have, I am learning to love what I do.  Looking back at my purchases from 2018, there are some definite favorites.

1. Lounging Around-Loungewear (Pants, Shirt, Sweater) is what I put on when it is a rainy cold weekend (like every one we have had for the past 3 months).  I roll out of bed, throw these on and suddenly I don’t feel so shitty about sitting on my couch all day.  I mean, I got out of my pajamas, right?  I can even walk to the mailbox or answer the door when my pizza arrives and not be embarrassed. 

2. Toasty Tootsies– I am NOT a sock person.  I hardly ever wear them, even with my boots.  They suffocate my feet. I know that sounds crazy, but hey, it’s me.  So, to keep my little piggies warm while lounging in my aforementioned outfit, I love my Toms Slippers.  The faux shearling lining is so soft and the rubber sole make them ok to step outside if need be.  This does not mean that I in any way give you the ok to go grocery shopping or to your kid’s school in these babies.

3. Frye Baby Frye– I am a shopper of Zulilly, Guilt, Bluefly and any other site that sells name brand merchandise at huge savings.  That is how I scored these sweet Frye brown leather cowboy boots.  I first thought “Oh, these are kind of basic and plain” but let me tell you, they work with absolutely everything.  They are shorter so you don’t have to worry if you are having a fat calf day.  Just pull them on and go.  Of course, Frye boots are great quality and never go out of style.  Honestly, I wish I had these in more colors.  Once I start shopping again, I will add a black pair to the list.

4. Major Length AND Volume– No, I’m not talking about my favorite man part. Lol I’m talking about Laura Geller LashBoss.  I have already admitted to ya’ll  that I am a make-up junky.  I am a human guinea pig.  I saw an ad in one of my magazines for this mascara and had to give it a try.  I am so glad that I did.  It does everything that it promises.  My lashes look longer and fuller than ever before.  If you’re in the market for a new mascara, check this one out for sure.

5. My Future’s So Bright– My final favorite purchase of 2018 was not even purchased by me.  My boyfriend Lindsay gave me my first ever pair of Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses for Christmas.  I have always wanted a pair of Ray-Bans but was always nervous about spending the money and then breaking or losing them.  Well, with them being a gift, I feel a little more at ease.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still being extra careful with them.  They are classic and beautiful and make me feel like a total badass.  I plan to wear these for many sunny days to come.  Thanks babe. I love them!!!


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