Losing Something Besides My Mind

It was March, 2015.  I was so so proud of myself because I had lost around 50lbs over 7 months.  I had quit eating meals out.  Heck, I had quit eating big meals period.  I snacked mostly.  I was also taking the weight loss drug Phentermine.  It gave me a nice buzz and helped to control my appetite.  I was no longer a 14/16 but a 6/8.  I could now wear a medium instead of an XL.  I was getting noticed.  People could tell that Antoinette and I were twins again.  I looked like me.  I felt great about myself and my accomplishment.  I gave away most of my larger clothes and swore that I would NEVER EVER let myself get to that size again.

Now here we are in 2019.  I am not as big as  I was before I lost the 50lbs, but I am closer than I want to be.  I am frustrated with myself for slipping back into unhealthy habits and allowing the weight to creep back on. Today when I look in the mirror, I do not see the Anjanette I know. I see a really full round face and a poochy belly.  It’s time to get back at it and lose the extra pounds AGAIN!  It’s time to buckle down, make changes in my lifestyle , and get healthy once and for all.  

So, now all I have to do is make/pick a plan and follow it.  Man does that sound so much easier than it actually is.  I did Weight Watchers at this same time last year.  I lost about 8 pounds in 2 months.  That was ok, but the results were waaayyy too slow to keep me motivated. So, I did what every frustrated dieter does, I quit.  I know I know, slow and steady wins the race, but 1lb/week is just not enough for this impatient chick.  I am left with many other plans from which to choose.  There’s intermittent fasting, The Keto Diet, The Mediterranean Diet, Atkins, and, my favorite, the quit eating so much shit dummy diet.

I have been researching them all so I can decide which plan will work best for me.  Of course, they all have their pros and cons.  Pro-you’ll lose weight quickly on any of these plans if you strictly follow their guidelines.  Cons-No sugar, no carbs, no alcohol, no soda, and NO DAMN FUN! Eating is fun! Drinking is fun! But, fun is what got me here to begin with.  I have to get real and admit that I no longer have a 35 year old body that is capable of losing 10lbs at the drop of a hat.  My 52 year old body has the metabolism of a sloth.  It loves the fat I have acquired and wants badly to hang onto it.  Not today menopause body.  Not today! I will find a plan that I can follow and that will get me to a comfortable weight.  I will not give up on myself!

So, I have some decisions to make.  I mean, it is already the middle of January!  If I have any hope of confidently wearing short shorts this summer, I have to get started quickly.

Have any of you found a diet that got you the results you wanted  in a timely fashion and without starving to death?  If so, help a sista out and tell me all about it.  PLEASE!!

Come back next Friday and I will reveal my eating plan choice.  Heck, I may even get crazy and join the gym that is literally right across the street from my house!  You never know.


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  1. good luck!!!

    question, because im nosey, why not use Phentermine again? sounds like you had a good experience or maybe it wasn’t so good….idk

  2. I have used it occasionally over the past year. The problem is, your body gets used to it and it effectiveness wears off. It still works but not nearly as well as the first time I took it.

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