Turning Dirty 30!!

Yes you read that right! Someone turned the Big 3Oh this weekend. Uhhh but it sure wasn’t me. Lol. I can barely even remember turning freaking 30. My niece Alaina turned 30, and I am officially old af!!!

It’s the Birthday Giiiirrrrl!!!

What a Bunch of Hotties!!!

Let’s get the party started!!!

No wussies here! Throw it on back!!!

So it was our responsibility, as Alaina’s loving family, to celebrate this milestone. First ya know you’ve gotta don the lovely Birthday accessories! Then it’s time for the obligatory group shot taking a group shot! Wooo those Kamikazes kicked my booty!!!

Lord help the poor people that were sitting around us.

Julie and Raenette are ready to eat!

Duck lips all day.

Oooo time for another cocktail!

The food was delicious but definitely NOT on my diet plan.

Raenette was responsible for organizing this soirée. She was lucky enough to get us a reservation at Raleigh’s Taverna Agora. I looked up their menu online and was super excited to try some of their Greek creations. I was not disappointed. We started with a spread sampler appetizer that included hummus, spicy feta and Tzatziki. It was some kind of good!! We also ordered a round of Greek Lemonades for the table. So tasty and quite effective. We all ordered a different entree from stuffed pork chops to lamb chops to chicken penne, and everything was delicious. If you haven’t tried Taverna Agora, I would highly recommend you do so soon.

Blouse// Jeans// Booties

Happy Happy 30th to my niece! You have your whole life in front of you! Enjoy this time, because, before you know it you’ll be 50. It really does pass by in the blink of an eye.

oh and a special thanks to my sister-in-law Meg for taking my pics.


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