F Fit Friday

Yes it’s Friday. No it’s not very fit. I had been killing my eating plan and had actually managed to drop a whole pound. Then came Valentine’s Day. Freakin Valentine’s Day. I swore I wasn’t gonna eat a bunch of chocolate, but then I tasted the chocolate, and the chocolate was soooo good. Especially the big fat white chocolate covered strawberries Clif bought me.

Then, to top it off, we went to eat dinner with friends. Lord help meeee!!!!

We sure do clean up good!

Stanbury of Raleigh. So delicious!

Now that’s a good looking bunch!

Awww look at my fancy drink.

Pasta for the WIN!!!

Boy do I feel fancy. I ventured out of Clayton twice in one week to eat at restaurants that didn’t serve chips and salsa. Lol. There are so many amazing restaurants in the Raleigh/Durham area, but we get in a rut and tend to stick close to home. Thanks to our friends, we enjoyed an awesome meal at yet another restaurant I had never tried, Stanbury. It was cool and casual with an interesting menu of small and large plates. We tried a little bit of everything, including crispy pig head and toasted marrow. The marrow looked too mucusy for me, but the pig head was actually good. The fried oysters were unbelievable!!! All-in-all it was quite the dining experience. Oh, FYI, the menu on their website isn’t necessarily their current menu. Because they use only fresh ingredients, their menu is constantly changing. It’s a culinary adventure people!!

Jacket// Cami// Jeans// Sandals// Purse// Necklace

I wasn’t exactly sure how to dress for our night out. I hate that!!! I checked out Stanbury’s website to see if I could get an idea of how dressy this place might be. No luck! Anybody that knows me knows I HATE, HATE, HATE being underdressed for any occasion. So I went with casual chic. Casual chic always works!!!

I found this cool Vince Camuto dinner jacket on major sale at Belks. No I wasn’t supposed to be shopping for myself Janice, but sometimes things just happen. And we all know if you buy a new jacket, ya gotta buy something new to go under it (“If You Give a Mouse a Cookie/ If you give a Nette a Jacket”). This little white cami from Express was just the ticket! Add in some distressed denim and little black sandals for the perfect combination.

I have to point out my new Stella and Dot necklace. I didn’t realize when I bought it that it has this super cool adjustable chain. That means I can wear it long with a tunic sweater, or short with a blouse or cami. It’s freakin genius I tell ya! Genius!! If you want to order this badass necklace, please do so through my friend’s link. She would greatly appreciate it!

Don’t worry, I’m back to my healthy eating plan today. Yee Haw! Now what to do with all this chocolate. 🤷‍♀️


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