Spring Wish List Continued

Well, as Antoinette said Monday, we’re baaacckk!!! While she was battling the dreaded stomach bug, I was fighting the crud.  Not sure if it was the flu, but I sure did feel mighty crappy.  The only good thing about it was (and still is.  This thing is hanging on.) my sexy raspy voice.  Lindsay got all excited about it because he said he felt like he was with a new woman.  NOT NICE!!

With all the rain we have been getting here in NC/SC lately, the past couple of sunny days have been wonderful.  So, when the skies finally turn blue and the temperature is mild, I get excited for Spring.

It is amazing how much the weather can affect your mood.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love a rainy cold weekend every once-in-a-while.  You know the kind where you stay in your pj’s all day and binge watch your favorite shows.  But, after eleventy days in a row of rain, enough is enough!

A new season means new fashion trends.  As usual, I will pick and choose which ones I love and work the best for me.

Happening Heels– My first Spring must-have are these geometric leather mules from Zara.  Isn’t the wooden heel just the coolest thing ever?  Plus, you can dress them up or down.  They are bound to be easier to walk in than stilettos and more comfortable too. Win win.

  Notice Me Neon– Another trend I can wear without feeling like a clown (you know some of those models at fashion week look cray cray) is neon.  I love orange and lime green or highlighter yellow.  These colors are even better once you get a little bit of a tan.  I know, I know, the sun is bad for our skin.  We can use our sunless tanner.  This neon pink sweater from Zara will look great on any complexion.  If you don’t dig that bright of a hue, no worries, it comes in 11 other colors.  At $19.90 you can afford several.

Circular and SeashellsMy 3rd pick incorporates 2 trends into 1 piece.  This round straw crossbody is embellished with seashells.  Shells are everywhere and on everything for Spring/Summer.  I know that makes you beach loving girls happy.  Throw this little number on with your neon sweater and you will be totally stylin my friends.
This too is from Zara.  As you can tell, I can always find the most current looks on their site and their prices are very reasonable.

Happy HeadbandsNow you all know how much I love a good fedora or Panama Hat.  This Spring I am gonna give these printed slip-on headbands a try.  They are so easy to wear whether you have hair to your butt or a cute pixie cut.  Ha! I made a rhyme.  With most of the ones at Forever 21 being less than $6, you can wear a different one every day of the week.

Charming TrenchLast on my current list of desired items is this Modern Trench Coat from Loft.  Even with ALL the clothes that I have, there are still a couple of pieces I cannot believe I don’t own.  A trench coat is one of them.  There is nothing more classic and timeless (and sexy with lingerie underneath😉).  The color and cut of this one gives it more of a feminine feel, which I love.  

Now get to shopping ladies.  There are so many new things to try.


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