My Irish Eyes are Smiling

We just had Valentine’s Day, and here we are about to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. This past month was a blur! And yes I do have some good old Irish blood running through my veins. I can’t remember how much, but every little bit counts! Right??

I have been searching and searching for some cool green pants for the last couple of years. Well I finally found some online at Loft and was hoping to have them in time to share with y’all. It didn’t happen. Dang it!! If they come this week, I’ll share them with you on Wednesday (if I can fit my booty into them).

Blouse// Pants// Heels// Clutch

So since my pants were a no go, I had to dig out my little green ruffled blouse from last year. I still love it, especially paired with my cool navy sailor pants from Loft. I really wanted to pair this with some pointy toe brown flats, but guess what??? I don’t own any!!! WHAT??? How’s that even possible? So I pulled out my beautiful caramel Michael Kors heels. The color of the suede is so rich! I really, really, really wish I was one of those chicks that could wear heels with ease, but I’m just not. Oh how I envy those chicks. Maybe I just need more practice.

Ya know what else I needed to go with this outfit?? The badass leopard print clutch I passed up on my last shopping trip. Ugh, I’m gonna have to go back and get that bad boy! This beautiful brown clutch was a good substitute. I still NEED that leopard clutch though!

I guess a shopping trip is in my near future. I know, I know, BIG SURPRISE!!! Lol. The hunt is on people! The hunt is on!

What do you have planned for St. Patrick’s Day? A little green beer perhaps? Whatever the plan, make it a fun one!!

Oh I almost forgot! Anjanette will be posting on Fridays now instead of Wednesdays. Don’t forget to come back to see her St. Paddy’s Day finds!


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