St. Patrick’s Day!

It is time once again to celebrate the Emerald Isle.  No, not Emerald Isle, NC!  I’m talking about Ireland, people.  It’s every drinking persons favorite holiday.  St. Patrick’s Day.  I found out last year after getting my 23andMe DNA results, that I am 63% British and Irish.  So now my “Kiss Me I’m Irish” tee is legit!

Shirt// Jeggings// Boots

For being so Irish, I sure don’t have a lot of green in my closet.  Actually, I have precisely 3 pieces.  One is the top I bought to wear out with the girls St. Patrick’s Day 2018.  The other is the kelly green cardigan I wore for last year’s blog post.  Finally I remembered this sweet little number I picked up at the Loft (Similar Here).   I intended to wear it during the Christmas Season, but it was a bit too tight.  Well, not any more Bitches!!! The dark green and navy blue plaid look just right with my dark wash pull-on jeggings from Walmart.  Yep, they are the same as the white ones from last week.  I’m telling you, they are so soft and easy to wear.  Of course I finished off my look with one of my favorite pairs of boots.  I found these camel studded beauties about 12 years ago on the sale rack at Nordstroms and have loved them ever since.

So, raise your pint of Guinness and toast your friends with slainte (pronounced slaan-sha).  The literal translation means “health”.  It’s a shorter version of drinking to someone’s good health.  Now you really sound Irish.  You’re welcome.

I want to say than you to my friend (and hair stylist) Michelle Blair for taking my pictures after she colored, cut, and styled my do. She even colored her little doggie’s hair to match her own.  It’s not every day you get to see a pink puppy.  Too cute!


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  1. All, you need to do now to make yourself truly Irish is to kiss the Blarney Stone…if you can’t, I am sure a shot or two or three of Guinness will do the trick!☘️🍀

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