Let’s Keep the Party Going!!!

It’s the Holidays!!! Let’s partaaaay!!! You’re NEVER too old to have some fun. Whether you’re going to an office party or out on the town, this outfit would be the perfect fit. Check out the cute embroidered sheer top with bell sleeves and cami that I found at TJ Maxx. The best part is it only set me back $25! I thought it was a misprint fo sho and just knew when I got to the register it would ring up for 3x that amount. NOPE, $25! So Raenette was skipping all the way to her car! I linked you to a a similar top from Loft. I just paired it with some black velvet pants from Loft Outlet. I would recommend that you buy these pants a size smaller because they do have a tendency to stretch quite a bit. So, who doesn’t want to brag to their friends that they had to buy a size smaller??? Lol! And the finishing touch is a pair of burgundy suede booties with a ridiculously high heel by White Mountain. I call them “show” booties, because they aren’t made for walking, just show. Love me some TJ Maxx!!!

Thanks again for keeping the party alive!! We’ve got one more Nette to go, and she’s ALWAYS the life of the party!!! See ya Friday!


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