How To Be “Seen” In Camo

Camo Jacket// Camo Blouse// Tee Shirt// Skirt// Leggings// Boots// Shoes

As we all know, camouflage is worn by soldiers and hunters to blend in to their surroundings. Well, as you can see, that is NOT how I style it!

Of we 3 Nettes, I would be considered the Blanche of the not so Golden Girls.  I like to add a little sexy to whatever I wear, even camo.  I did that with this field jacket from Free People.  When I say you can wear this thing in so many ways, I ain’t lying.  It is the perfect weight and can be cinched at the waist to give you a little shape.  I threw it on over a white tee (v-necks are our friends) and paired it with this vegan leather (in other words pleather, fake, not real, cheap) mini skirt from H&M.  This hot mama look is finished off with 4” stiletto heeled over the knee black leather (YES, the real shiz) boots by Jessica Simpson.  Lord, I got all hot and bothered just describing them.  These boots aren’t made for walking, but you’ll look damn good sitting and leaning.

Now if you want to be sexy in camo but not full-on hoochie status, just turn it down a bit and let it simmer.  This blouse along with my vegan leather (wink, wink) jeggings do just that.  Of course, I still had to add in a hot pair of sandals from Vince Camuto.  If you don’t feel like teetering about like a baby giraffe, then a pair of black combat boots is also hot in its own kick ass kind of way.  Mix it up. Make it yours. Just make sure you finish off every look with the most important accessory, confidence!! That is what’s truly sexy.

Fashion Tip:  You may notice that I put a black tank under my camouflage blouse.  I did this so that I would only have to fasten a couple of buttons.  Yes, I admit, I was a couple of lbs. lighter when I bought it.  SO, don’t judge me!! By leaving the button(s) near the bottom undone, I have a little more room and don’t feel like a stuffed sausage. You’re welcome!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!! Come back Friday to see Raenette’s Camo Creation!!!


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