Love Is In The Air

Sweatshirt// Leggings// white shirt// sandals// Pearls

Wow! Can you believe Christmas was over a month ago, and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner? Where the heck did January go? Now as for Valentine’s Day, I’m all for any holiday that gives me an excuse to eat a whole box of chocolates!!

Today I’m showing some love for my sweet little town of Clayton. I swear every time I walk downtown I see something new, something different. Today my friend/photographer Lynn and I happened upon these cool blackboard signs. How apropos are they?? And just look at how my adorable sparkly heart sweatshirt, by Shop Love & Bambi on Etsy, pops against the beautiful yellow! I paired it with my cool faux leather leggings and my favorite little strappy sandals. Oh, and don’t forget the pearls! Leather and Pearls! Classy Vixen!

So while strolling through downtown, we struck up a conversation with the nicest dude at Earp’s Auto Service. I mentioned how much I loved his bitchin race car, and he asked if I would like for him to pull it off the trailer so I could take pics with it. You know I said “Hell yeah”!! Y’all should have heard that bad boy when he started it!!! It got my Redneck heart a pumping!!! I just LOVE our little town!

We’ll be featuring more of downtown Clayton soon. Thanks for visiting with me today. Come share some love with Anjanette on Wednesday.


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  1. You’re the bitchin hot rod, girl! Love this photo shoot. My favorites are you crossing the street and laughing in front of the car. Wish my big feet could fit in those sandals.

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