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Sweater (Similar Here)// Skirt// Sandals

Surprise! And you thought I was going to be wearing a casual Valentine’s Day outfit didn’t you??  Yeah, me too. I had planned on wearing this really cute sweater that I ordered online but didn’t realize, until after I had clicked the “purchase now” button, that it would be coming on the slow boat from China, and I do mean sloooowwww. This boat evidently has no motor or oars either.  Soooo, I had to make a little switcharoo.

I bought this cute stretchy floral skirt & cardigan (Similar Here) last year, and I’m trying my hardest to recall exactly where I bought it. To my best recollection I think it was TJ Maxx, but don’t hold me to it. Hell, I can barely remember what happened 5 minutes ago, much less one year. Are you like me & prefer skirts to dresses? There are 2 reasons why I love a skirt #1- most dresses today are designed for women who have a defined waist and flat stomach, which I do not & #2-skirts are so versatile. You can dress them up or down and accessorize them in so many ways. The possibilities are limitless! You could easily swap out this red cardigan for a white button down shirt, a chunky gold or silver necklace & some metallic flats or even some kick ass boots. You could even add a jean jacket into the mix!

Are you excited for Valentine’s Day?? Are you young and in love and all googly eyed for each other?? Or maybe you’re older & have found love again, and your heart is going all pitter patter. Then this holiday is for you! But when you’ve been married to the same man for over 27 years, my attitude towards Valentine’s Day can be summed up in two words, “bah humbug!” He tries, bless him, but men c’mon, think outside the box! Use a little creativity! Believe me when I say, anything besides a card & candy will go a long way!! 😜😜😍😍

This Valentine’s Day I’ll be thinking of all the special folks in my life and those who are no longer here, especially my mama, Myrtle Virginia Moore Hall. She would be so tickled over this blog. She wouldn’t understand it, but she would like the pictures. Lol. Happy Valentine’s everybody!  ROCK ON!!!!

Hope y’all enjoy your weekend! Thanks again for stopping by! We have a surprise in store for next week, so make sure you come back to see us.


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  1. Love all the photos, especially the last one. Oh and by the way…..that’s a dang fancy “brooch” your wearing! Rock on Nette!

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