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It’s hot Latina Women’s Week!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

First you met my sister’s hot Puerto Rican friend, Carla, and  now it’s my turn to introduce you to my sassy beautiful Nicaraguan friend, Yaneysi. This young lady and I used to work together until cupid’s arrow struck, and she up and left me to get married, have a beautiful baby boy and move to Japan. The nerve of her! Now her life is a whirlwind of chasing a toddler, going to school and working part-time. Oh, and on top of that, she has started her own blog, blessedmarvelouslife.wordpress! Go check it out! It’s great! Even though she has all that going on and more, she still somehow manages to keep strutting her stuff! Check out the adorable cream colored fur vest from BCBG Max Azaria (Similar here) that she paired with a burgundy blouse from Target & Rockstar jeans from Old Navy. And you can’t miss the classic aviator glasses from Ray Ban. Now the booties came from the store on base so, unless you’re in the military & stationed in Japan, you’re SOL! Not to worry, we found a similar pair from Nordstrom. And how could we possibly overlook the to die for Louis Vuitton bag that was a present from her sweet husband! Goals ladies goals! Lol!

Look how my sassy friend takes a simple monochromatic color scheme of black on black and makes it pop with a cute olive green jacket from Target and the same tan booties from the previous pic.  The black bodysuit is from Target and jeans are from Old Navy.

I asked my friend who her fashion inspirations are and she said “I don’t have any, I just kind of put on what looks cute & is comfortable.” Oh yeah, my kind of woman! Just doing her own thing. Love that!

Now my friend knows how to rock an outfit, but when it comes to makeup application she is at a whole ‘nother level.  Her makeup is always glowing and natural and ALWAYS on point! Something I strive for but rarely achieve.  Just look at that face. Perfection!  When she gets back to the States, I’m going to chase her down and strong arm her until she gives up her secrets!  If you want to know more about the makeup she uses just go to her blog You’ll be glad you did!

Thanks for being a part of our blog this week Yaneysi! Hope to see you state side soon!

Hope you’ve enjoyed our guest Nettes this week! It’ll be back to our beautiful faces next week. Y’all enjoy your weekend! See ya Monday.


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