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Sweater// Pants// Shoes

I hope everyone had a wonderful love filled Valentine’s Day! Well, enough of that mushy crap, let’s get to the good stuff. Me! Lol! Just because Valentine’s is no more doesn’t mean you can’t still wear a cute heart sweater does it??? No it doesn’t! Plus, I had to wait 9,999,999 days to get it so there was no way I was going to pack it away until next year. Uh huh, no way, no how. I ordered this cute gray sweater with the white cable knit heart online from I was pleasantly surprised at the quality, because you never know what you’re going to get when you order online. Although the sweater is really cute, I do wish I had ordered a size larger, as I like my sweaters a little slouchy. Their web site now recommends ordering a size larger but did not when I ordered mine. Guess they received some helpful hints. Lol! I paired it with a pair of Valentine appropriate red jeans from Ann Taylor Loft & some peep toe booties from Steve Madden. It’s never too late to wear & spread a little love!!

Jacket// White Blouse// Camo Joggers// Shoes// Glasses

This is my NEW go to casual outfit. I seem to get stuck on one outfit that I love above all others, and I will wear it to death until a new one comes into my life. Good thing this mentality only applies to clothes and not husbands. Lol!

These camo jogger pants are as close as you can get to pajama pants but without the cartoon characters. They are THAT comfortable! Plus, I love the black stripe accent down the side that just adds a little something something. I found the white oxford shirt and jean jacket just recently at Target. I may have been the only woman in NC (maybe the whole USofA) that did not own a white oxford shirt or jean jacket. My life is complete. Ohhhmmmm…. lol! I just threw on a chunky pearl necklace that I had lying around in my jewelry box and a pair of silver earrings. The shoes are the same ones that I featured in an earlier post. They are black alligator skin looking slip ons from Steve Madden. I have worn the heck out of them! They are just as comfy as they are stylish.

As always, we are so thankful for those of you that have been supporting our Blog. We love y’all!! Have a great weekend! See ya Monday!


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  1. Now I am the only woman in NC that doesn’t own a white oxford shirt, lol!! Love yall’s blog❤️❤️❤️

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