Sister Shopping Spree

I took a trip home to Knightdale/Clayton, NC this past weekend. Sometimes you just need some time with your family to make everything all good.  To make the weekend even better, I got to spend Saturday shopping with my sisters. I cannot tell you the last time we have done that! It had been waaayyy too long. It was good for my soul (my pocketbook, not so much).

We started our shopping experience at Macy’s (that’s where we parked our car. Lol). I didn’t waste any time scooping up a couple of cute tops and some britches (Southern Translation:pants) and heading to the dressing room. Well, I guess the excitement of shopping clouded my judgement, because everything was much better on the hanger than they were on me.  This grey top had the cutest patchwork sleeves that would look adorable on someone else I’m sure. It just looked plain old frumpy on me.  Back to the rack it went.

Not to be thwarted, we boogied on down the mall to a little boutique shop called Delta Belles. Antoinette and Raenette had both found cute things there before, so I wanted to check it out for myself.  I was not disappointed.  As usual, I had to try on a few clunkers before I found a few keepers that I wanted to add to my Spring Wardrobe.  I spotted this cream and grey striped poncho on the mannequin. I tried it on in a large, but it was just too big and baggy.  I ended up with a small!!! That’s right people! A SMALL!! I know it’s a loose fitting top, but let a girl have her moment. Dang. I wish you could feel how wonderfully soft and cozy this is.  I would love a whole blanket made out of this stuff. And, oh yeah, did I mention it’s a small?!

I also purchased the same green off the shoulder top as Antoinette.  The color and cut were just that good.  We’re going to wear them the next time we wish to relive the days of us dressing alike.  Ummmm, NOT!  I will wear mine in SC, and she can wear hers in NC. This beautiful bead necklace was found on Etsy. I love supporting folks on Etsy.

After my first purchases, I took my fresh shopping buzz on to the one store where I am certain to find something I love, Loft.  Now, I usually shop online at Loft (and most stores for that matter), because they have all the sizes and many more petite options than they do in store.  Plus, they seem to have better sales online as well.  But, since we were at the mall anyway, and I had returns to make from one of my online sprees, off to Loft we went.  I found these super cute white ankle jeans (yes I found them first).  They have a sweet frayed hem and are nice and stretchy, so they will hold their shape.  We don’t want the dreaded saggy ass that comes when jeans become stretched out as we wear them.

I also found this mixed-media (that means they used 2 types of material in the design of the shirt) swing tee.  I just love the cute print on the back of it.  I’m gonna look just as good going as I do coming in this number.

Our last stop of the day was Dillards.  We originally went there to check out their shoes.  They have always had a great shoe department with the best sales.  I didn’t find anything that I couldn’t live without. What I did find was that they had just added an entire Free People section!!! Now ya’ll know how much I love me some Free People. Although most of my Free People is purchased online, I was super excited to see so many pieces up close and personal.  To add to my giddiness, a large portion of what they had was on sale. I’m not talking a piddly markdown either. I mean REALLY on sale! I was able to get a dress and 2 tops for what I would normally pay for just the dress.  That is how you save money right there. Well, I actually spent money, but I did save. You know what I mean.

This white blouse (Similar Here) was just sitting on that sale rack waiting to go home with me. It is a great gauzy material that is cool even in the dead of summer.  Yes, I know I need a tank under it, Myrtle.  I just didn’t have one with me while I was shopping.  I will probably have to have the sleeves altered as well. But, when you pay $35 as opposed to $128, you can afford to make it perfect.

That’s it until my next shopping trip. I have promised not to shop for a while. Oh I crack myself up! Just wait till you see what Raenette snagged on our little shopping spree!! Make sure to join us back here Friday!


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