Sisters’ Choice

This week we were really struggling with a “theme”. So the theme is “No Theme”! Weeee!!! We got to just decide what to wear like grown ass adults!! I’m drunk with power!! POWER!!! Lord I need a life. Lol. So I stood in my mess of a closet and thought “What a freakin mess!”. Then I zoomed in on a few of my new favorite florals, and they both just happen to be pants. I do love me some floral pants!!

Floral Pants// Top// Sandals// Necklace// Bracelet// Watch

Ok first off, I swear I’m not squinting that much in these pics. It’s my stupid Skin Cancer scar! Ugh! Anyways, on to these awesome floral pants. I found these when Old Navy was having a major sale. I paid a whopping $15 for them. They are super nice, and the fabric is “wrinkle free”. Which, having been raised by Myrtle, means I have to iron them just a little bit. These pants are a great weight for Spring and Summer. They run in petite sizes online, so the length was perfect without any alterations required. That’s always a BIG BONUS!! I went with a simple V-neck tank with raw edges and braided sandals for a casual look. You could easily pair them with a nice linen blouse for the workplace.

I finally broke down and bought myself this Kendra Scott necklace and bracelet. I don’t know why I waited so long. They are reasonably priced and will go with everything! Go ahead and get yours!

Floral Pants// Tee Shirt// Denim Jacket// Sandals

I found these floral beauties at Loft, and I am loving them! They are flowy and flowery. Now that’s a sweet combo! They have a drawstring waist, so they are forgiving when you’ve eaten one too many pieces of Super Supreme pizza (or cake or buttered rolls or….). Again I added a simple white Tee shirt and my Tory Burch sandals for another effortless casual look. I love the way my favorite jean jacket adds a little umph to everything I pair it with! That’s why it’s my favorite!

Ok this is an example of an outfit that just didn’t feel right. I initially put this sleeveless tee with my drawstring pants. In theory, it should have worked. When styling a wide-legged, flowy pair of pants, a tighter tee is usually an awesome choice. Well when I saw these pics, I knew I needed to change. I mean my arms look like a side of beef! Ugh! So back to the drawing board I went. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries before you hit the nail on the head. Don’t give up!!!

I can’t wait to see what Anjanette and Raenette will be wearing this week!! Don’t forget to stop back by. Have a great week friends!!!


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