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When my sister texted me that the agenda for this week’s blog was going to be skirts/shorts, I thought “uh oh I’m in trouble.” For some reason my wardrobe is sorely lacking in the skirts and shorts department. So, what was a girl to do??? Go shopping of course! So, off to the mall I went.  After trying on multiple skirts/shorts in about 5-6 different stores, I was done! Put a fork in me!. If there was a Guiness World Record for most skirts/shorts tried on in a day, I would have definitely broken it. They were either too short, too long, too frumpy, too ugly, too tight, too loose, too transparent, etc. etc. So, as I was dragging myself down the mall to my car, I happened to pass by Talbot’s. Now, I’ve never been one to shop there because I always thought of it as an old lady/preppy store. But I thought what the heck , what do I have to lose, right?? Well, I’m glad I stopped because they were having 40% off of skirts, and I found some that actually fit and were cute! Not only that, but they have the most awesome customer service. My sales assistant, Elaine, was on it! Not once did I have to leave my dressing room to search for another size or color. She was constantly checking on me and bringing back skirts, tops and shorts that she thought I may like. What a breath of fresh air! It kind of reminded me of the old days when you would pull into a gas station, and they would run out to pump your gas and clean your windshield. Also, she gave me her business card when I left and said that if I saw anything online or in their catalogue that I might be interested in I could call her, and she would hold it for me. Say what?!?! I would definitely give them a 5 star rating, and I will definitely be back. I actually ended up finding 5 skirts that I liked and 1 pair of shorts. There were also a couple of blouses that were cute, but I’m going to hold out for awhile to see if they go on sale. I hate to pay full price for anything! And guess what came in the mail today?? A hand written thank you note from Elaine! 😍😍

Skirt// Top// Shoes// Necklace

One of the skirts I found at Talbot’s was this cute Lilly Pulitzer-ish skirt. Now, I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of hers, but I did dig this skirt. I love the fit and the length. Plus it has a little stretch to it, and that is always a plus! I think the print caught my eye because it’s bright and colorful, and I do love bright colors! Since it’s so busy, I just paired it with a plain white twisted tee that I found at Kohl’s. The pink beaded necklace was a recent Target find. I actually bought it before I found the skirt because I liked it and knew it would go with so many things. Good thinking there right? Lol! The pink sandals were also a recent find at Kohl’s. They’re from the Lauren Conrad Collection and were on sale for $12.99! I also bought a pair in white since they were such a good deal. Burning those brain cells!

Skirt// Top// Shoes// Hoopst

My second find at Talbot’s was this cute white denim skirt. Check out the scalloped edging and detailing around the bottom. This skirt also has some stretch to it. Yes! Again, the fit is great, and the length dead on. The cute embroidered chambray top is from the Knox Rose line at Target. The tan sandals are from Lucky, and I found them on the sale rack at DSW. Double score!

Skirt (Similar) // Blouse (Similar) // Shoes

Believe it or not, this next skirt did not come from Talbot’s! Lol! I’ll save my other finds from Talbot’s for another post. Can’t reveal all the goods at once. 😜😜 This black Mexican style Bohemian skirt (Similar Here) is from Loft. I love the fringe along the hem line and the way it flares away from the body.  Every time I put it on I suddenly have a hankering for a large margarita.  Now, I did not realize how sheer this white top was until I saw the photos. Definitely need a tank under that thing. Whole lot of stuff under there that does not need to be showcased to the world. Lol! Just add some sassy shoes and jewelry, and it’s fiesta time!! Ole!

Thanks for stopping by this week! Come back next week when we’ll be sharing some of our best Summer bargains!! Everybody LOVES a bargain! Right? Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!


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