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Man doesn’t it feel like Mondays come around mighty quickly??? Hope y’all had a good weekend. Ours was pretty chill. No baseball = Lazy Bums! This week we decided to do something a little different. We wanted to do a “Get to Know Us” type of post. At first we were gonna do “10 Things You Don’t Know About Me”, but that got sketchy fast. Lol. Instead we decided to do an “Our Favorites” format. That’s a lot safer (well that depends on what kind of “Favorites” you’re talking about, but we kept it clean). So each Nette will take a turn answering the same “Favorites” questions. We hope you enjoy getting to know us a little better. Here goes!

1.) Favorite Food- This one has never, ever changed for me. It has and always will be my Mama’s fried chicken and rice with chicken gravy! I’ll be surprised if we don’t all answer this the same way. My Mama fried a big pile of the most delicious chicken to ever cross my lips, almost every Sunday until she became sick. Even then we joked that we were gonna find a way to strap her up at the stove so she could cook it for us. As good as the chicken was, the rice and chicken gravy were really the Stars of the show! I hate she never taught us how to make her chicken. Lord what I wouldn’t give to have another Sunday dinner at my parents’ house.

2.) Favorite Drink- Anybody that knows me knows the answer to this one. DIET PEPSI!!! Yes I am well aware that it’s horrible for me. Yes I have tried numerous times to get off the stuff. No I have never succeeded. I have managed to reduce the amount, but I just can’t give it up completely. I don’t drink coffee, so this is my caffeine source. There’s just nothing like a sip of ice cold Diet Pepsi to make all right with the world! It’s the nectar of the Gods people!!!

3.) Favorite Band/Performer- This one has pretty much stayed the same as well. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me some AC/DC!!! I started listening to them in 8th grade and fell hard. There’s nothing like a little “Highway to Hell” or “You Shook Me All Night Long” to get your motor running. I wish to goodness I had seen them in concert more often. The two times I did see them, they rocked their asses off!!! No ballads for these guys. It was pure Rock-n-Roll bad assery from beginning to end!!!

4.) Favorite TV Show and/or Book- I have to admit, I’m an avid TV watcher. I’m not much of a reader. Yes I know that makes me sound like a ding-dong, but oh well. At my age, I really don’t care anymore. I’m pretty old fashion when it comes to watching my shows too. I haven’t jumped on the Netflix bandwagon yet. I don’t binge watch all of a show over the course of a weekend. I like my shows doled out to me one week at a time. That’s what’s wrong with our society, instant gratification (Lord I sound like an old timer). I have several favorite shows. My favorite comedy has been “The Middle”, and it’s final episode just aired last week. I am so sad. This show provided one of the most realistic depictions of parenting I have ever seen. I totally dig my murder shows too! You know the ones. Husband cheats on wife. Wife finds out. Wife is found dead in the bathtub. Hmmmm, I wonder who killed her?? Those shows!!!

5.) Favorite Movie- Ok, here I go sounding like a simpleton again, but most of my favorite movies are the ones I enjoyed watching with my boys. We got such a kick out of “Daddy Daycare”, “The Sandlot” and “The Longest Yard.” Yes we are easily entertained. I also loved the last Harry Potter movie. We have seen that one so many times we can practically act it out! Oh and the last of The Hobbit movies, “The Battle of the Five Armies” was so amazing. I mean who doesn’t dig a hot long haired elf?!?!

6.) Favorite Thing to Do- Go ahead and guess the answer to this one! Go ahead! Yep, shopping is definitely one of my favorite things to do. Some of my favorite memories were built around shopping with my Mama. I also love watching my youngest play baseball, and hanging out with my baseball Mom friends, hiking with my oldest and going to the beach with my family. Things I wish I Enjoyed Doing- Eating like I’ve got good sense. Saving money. Cleaning my house. Working out. Keeping my mouth shut, etc.

White Tee// Jeans// Sandals// Aviators

Ok here are a few Fashion Favorites:

7.) Favorite Look- As much as I love fancy embroidery, intricate designs or stunning lace, my favorite look is as simple as can be. I adore my favorite jeans and a plain white v-neck tee. Add a pair of flip-flops and some cool aviators (that your 19 yo son bought for you), and it doesn’t get much better than that! I switch out the jeans for my favorite distressed denim shorts for the Summer. Denim and white will always be my favorite!

8.) Favorite Article of Clothing- This one should be tough with all the dang clothes I own, but it’s really not. About 100 years ago, I bought a cropped Jean jacket from Loft. I remember stressing over it because it wasn’t on Sale and, I was broke as a convict. Of course I bought it anyway, and it has been one of the best purchases I have ever made. That jacket has gone everywhere with me and has never let me down (how many things can you say that about?). It’s always there to add that little something extra to my outfit. It’s the BEST!

9.) Favorite Color- I have always been drawn to blue. Any and all shades of blue. One day I want to have my entire house decorated using blues and whites. I love how clean it is. I love how classic and refined it is. I love how deep and rich it is. Blue just makes my heart happy!

10.) Favorite Fashion Icon- I will venture to guess all the Nettes may answer this one the same as well. My sweet Mama was my first and most important fashion influencer. She taught me, in no uncertain terms, what was classy and what was trashy. She taught me how important it was to look pulled together. There were no wrinkled messes in my Mama’s house. She sewed us clothes when we were little, and took us shopping when we got older. She gave us the ole “Are you gonna wear that?” when we didn’t hit the nail on the head. Myrtle was one sassy chick!

I have always admired Audrey Hepburn’s style as well. She was so classic, yet cool. Everything she wore looked like a million dollars. It helped to be pencil thin, beautiful and rich!

So that’s just a few of my favorite things. I’m super curious to see if I learn anything new about my sisters. Join us back here Wednesday for some more fun! Go out and make it a great week my friends!


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