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I know ya’ll haven’t slept a wink this week just waiting to find out all about me and some of my favs. Well, worry no more here they are.

Now, I’m not a fan of trying to choose one favorite food or movie or book. It’s like trying to decide between a chocolate glazed donut, chocolate ice cream or chocolate cake. They’re all good! I did however try to narrow my choices down. So, here goes nothing!

1) Favorite Food – I’m gonna have to side with my sisters on this one. Nothing can beat my mama’s fried chicken, rice and gravy. You’ve read all about them, and everything they said was true. My mouth starts drooling just thinking about them. Heaven! One thing they did not mention was my mama’s biscuits. She didn’t like to make them so, getting them was a special treat. Now, many of you may think that the biscuits you get from Bojangle’s or Hardee’s or Biscuitville are true southern biscuits. Well, you are wrong!! Not that they aren’t delicious because they are, but a true southern biscuit is round and small and has a nice brown crunchy/flaky top. There is very little dough on the inside. Whenever I get a biscuit from Bojangles or such, I pull out all of the dough in the middle, because it is just too much for me. My daddy loved to take the leftover biscuits (if there were any) and mix molasses and butter together and sop (dip to those not in the south) it up with a biscuit or 2. Yummy!

2) Favorite Drink – My favorite daily drink is coffee. I have to have that ONE cup of coffee in the morning to jump start the day.  I am not a fancy coffee drinker. I make mine at home and add sugar and creamer, and that’s it. I just can’t justify spending $5-6 on a cup of coffee every day. I need that money to waste on other worthless things like clothes, makeup and shoes.  My favorite adult drink is bourbon.  My favorite bourbon at the moment is Bulleit, but I also like Blanton’s, Knob’s Creek and Four Roses Small Batch. It is especially good with Blenheim ginger ale. It is a hot/spicy ginger ale, and it adds a little kick to the drink. It’s absolutely delicious!! Now, if you’re a bourbon fan, I would highly recommend a road trip to Kentucky to visit your favorite distilleries.  I went several years ago, and it was a lot of fun and tasty too! Plus, it’s a beautiful state.

3) Favorite Band/Performer – Just like my sisters, my all time favorite band is AC/DC. Rock on!!! However, my taste in music is all over the board. My favorite artist at the moment is Ray Wylie Hubbard. He reminds me of Neil Young because neither one has a great voice, but there’s just something about their storytelling and music that makes me happy. Maybe it’s his Texas Drawl. Who knows?? I’m also a fan of Bonnie Raitt, Mavis Staples, Garbage, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Lucinda Williams, Sturgill Simpson, Tom Jones (would LOVE to see him in concert), Willie Nelson, Mother’s Finest, Linkin Park, Rolling Stones, CCR, Maverick’s, Samantha Fish, Marty Stuart, etc. I love Sirius XM because you have so many channels to choose from, and a lot of times they play artists that you would not get the chance to hear on mainstream radio. It’s my little escape on the way to and from work each day.

4) Favorite TV Show or Book – The only TV show that I make a point of watching each week is Call the Midwife on PBS. The season is over for the summer so, I’ll have to make do with the ID channel until it comes back on. What is it about murder & dying that I find so fascinating?? Another show I like to watch is “Botched”. It’s all about folks that have had bad plastic surgery, and these two plastic surgeons who fix them up.  They also have folks on there who want to have ridiculous things done to their bodies. Thank God these doctors are reputable and not afraid of saying, “uh, no way, we’re not doing that. Next!”.

5) Favorite Movie – My all time favorite movie is one that is not that well known & never made it to the big screen. Guess I’m the only one who liked it. Lol! It’s called “Whale Rider”. It’s a story about love, rejection and triumph. I could watch it over and over, and there’s not too many movies I feel that way about. Check it out if you get a chance, and let me know if I’m crazy or if you love it too.

6) Favorite Thing to Do – Besides sleep and eat??? I guess that would be listening to good music. I love to listen to live music, and that could be in any type of venue; bar, arena, amphitheater, etc. I’m in my element when I’m hanging out at a local haunt with good food and drink, just kicking back and enjoying the music. It’s even better if it’s music that you can dance to. Shake a leg.

7) Favorite Article of Clothing – Now this was the easiest category by far. My absolute favorite piece of clothing is my pajamas!!! Lord, I love my stretchy, flowy gowns. When I put one on I feel all of the stress and tension of the day just float away. I’m home, and all is well with the world.

8.) Favorite Color – Again, how can you pick just one??? I do find myself drawn to blues, so blue would definitely be at the top of list.

9.) Fashion Icon – My mama was definitely my #1 fashion icon. Do you remember that book “Color Me Beautiful” that helped you decide if you were a Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall. Once you found your season, then you were able to determine the colors that would flatter your skin tone the most. Well, my mama could’ve written that book! She was forever telling us which colors looked the best on us and which ones didn’t. Of course, I used to turn my nose up to her advice, but as they say, mama is always right!! Other than my mama, the fashion icons I admire most are the ones who march to the beat of their own drums, and just dress however they damn well please!!

Now wasn’t that worth the wait!! We hope y’all have enjoyed getting to know us a little better. Have a fun weekend, and we will see ya back here Monday!


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  1. Omgosh, I’ve often thought that my clothing attire more resembles your style. And now this post proves our similarities…nothing better than a good bourbon and music! Love me some Neil Young! Heading to Chicago to see him July 1st! Loved reading about all 3 Nettes this week! Can’t wait to see what next week brings us!

  2. Oh my goodness! So much I didn’t know! I know you’re sassy and fun, and very supportive of others. The musicians…I don’t know who half of them are! The movie…I’m going to find it! TV? Give me my Y&R, GH, and Blue Bloods (Tom Selleck because of BB…or…BB because of Tom Selleck?!). Loving reading this! Going now to meet the twins!! Love ya friend!!
    (And that’s right, safe that coffee money for important things!😜)

  3. Good Lord Raenette, not only did I love Color Me Beautiful, but my clothes savvy hubby Ken, who you know… Bible was ….you got it…Color Me Beautiful for Men. If you think I’m lying I can grab the dusty volume from our bookshelf upstairs. Maybe you Nettes could get you hubbies to show their stuff…just sayin….I can loan out Ken’s Copy…hoot hoot!

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