More Beach Must Haves

Lord, it is brain frying hot here in NC!! Call me a wimp, but I can’t take this hot weather. Thank you Mr. Carrier for a/c!! If you are brave enough to venture out to the beach in this sweltering weather, check out some of my fav beach items that you might want to take along.

1. Towel Clips- I love to take a dip in the ocean or go walking on the beach, but I don’t like coming back and finding that my towel has gone missing from my chair and is a 1/2 mile down the beach. These cute little clips are the perfect remedy! Just clip them over your towel to your chair, and worry no more. Your towel is safe and secure!  You can find them online at Wal-Mart, Target or your favorite beach shop. Genius!

2. Beach Umbrella- Do you hate lugging a big old umbrella and that heavy corkscrew anchor thingy to the beach?? Me too! The worst part is trying to screw the base into the sand far enough so the umbrella doesn’t blow over, go flying down the beach, and decapitate someone. Well, I have the perfect solution for you (this is almost as good as the clips😜). Check out this cute little umbrella that attaches to your beach chair! It is small enough to fit in your bag and lightweight too. Plus it’s flexible, so you can just reach up and adjust it to your liking. They are available online or in store at Wal-mart for just $9.99.

3. Bottle Keeper- I love my chair clips and my little beach umbrella, but this Bottle Keeper is my #1 favorite new find for the beach (or anywhere).  When I’m lying out in the hot sun, there is nothing more refreshing than an ice cold beer in a bottle. In good old NC, the Beach Police frown on glass on the beach so, this little Bottle Keeper is the perfect disguise. Just unscrew the bottom and slide your beer up in there and voila! Now it looks like you are drinking from a thermos. Plus, the top has a bottle opener attached, and it’s insulated!  So, I have my towel secured, umbrella up, and I’m enjoying a cold one. The stars have aligned, and there is peace on earth. 😁😁

4. Flattering Bathing Suit- I told my sisters when we started this blog that I would never be photographed in 3 things: bra, underwear  or swimsuit.  No way, no how! You’re welcome. I’m 60, soon to turn 61 (June 29, presents welcomed), and when you get to a certain age, things are just not where they once were. That means no 2 piece bathing suits for me. I have been sticking to tankinis in the past, but mama needs a change every once in awhile! I was so happy to find this little retro-looking swim dress. Isn’t it adorable with the polka dots?? Plus, the ruching around the middle helps define that non-existent waist.

5. Best Flip Flops Ever- I absolutely could not live without my Croc flip flops. I have a pair in black and brown, and they are the first thing I put on when I get home. They are soft and squishy and oh so comfy. They go with me everywhere, including the beach. Since they are rubber, they are so easy to wash off, and they keep your feet from getting scorched by the hot sand. Go to , and get you a pair. You will be an instant convert!

Okie dokie, now you should have everything you need for a kickass beach trip!!! You’re Welcome! So go hit the sand, but make sure to check back in Monday for some fun 4th of July fashion!


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