Let’s Talk Summer Shoes and Bags

Hello friends!! Hope y’all are surviving this brutal freakin heat. Man oh man, it’s so hot I’ve been sweating like Mike Tyson in a spelling bee (I know, NOT nice). Thank the good Lord above for AC!!! With the hot flashes and this heat, I’m liable to burst into 🔥! This is the perfect weather for all my cute sandals and my pretty Summer purses. So knock that dried up skin off those heels, paint those toe nails, and let’s find ya something purdy.

 Dress// Sandals// Hoops// Bracelet// Sunglasses

So, no big surprise, my absolute favorite Sandals/flip flops have been my Tory Burch Millers. I’ve sang their praises before. They are extremely comfortable (after a wear or two), and they make me feel cool every time I put them on. They should for the price! These babies are definitely a splurge, but they have been worth it. I would love the sand color, but I’m not in the mood to eat peanut butter crackers for the next month. Lol. I’ve gotta start saving my pennies!!!

When summer rolls around, I start looking for a straw/wicker purse. I ALWAYS start at TJ Maxx.. This season it took several visits before I found what I was looking for. This BIG guy is super light weight, and can carry everything but the kitchen sink! How awesome is that!!! A similar version can be found at TJ Maxx online.

Sometimes I just don’t need that big of a purse. Sometimes I just need a cute little crossbody to hold all my essentials. This year the round wicker purse has been very popular. Of course, by the time I decided I had to have one, they were sold out everywhere. This little cutie just happened to pop up on my FB (How about that), and I jumped all over it. I ordered it and waited with pure excitement for its arrival! Oh I do love that anticipation! The day it arrived, I tore open the package and was hit by the smell of smoke. I don’t mean a subtle smell either. I mean, somebody’s house is on fire smell. It was my purse. I contacted Customer Service and was told “That’s normal. It’s the smoking process we use to achieve the color of the purse. Just air it out.” Well no duh! So I aired it out for days, sprayed it with Febreeze, and aired it out some more. The smell did improve, but it still has a smokey smell. Damnit!!! So while I love everything about this purse (except the smell), I would be hesitant to order from this company again. Similar purses can be found here and here.

 Tee// Jean Shorts// Sandals//

Now when I want to get my Granola, tree hugger look on, it’s time to pull out my trusted Birkenstocks. I have to admit, it took me a while to warm up to this look. I grew up thinking Birkenstocks were for hippie, mountain climbing chicks. I was never quite sure if I was cool enough to pull these off. Well, while at a baseball tournament last year, I spotted several hip Moms in a variety of Birkenstocks. It was time to pull the trigger. Again, these aren’t cheap, but they’re legendary for goodness sakes.


Top// Denim Shorts// Sandals

I found these adorable brown braided sandals a couple of years ago at American Eagle. Of course this exact version is no longer available, but similar pairs can be found here and here. I have truly loved these sandals!! Again they are very comfortable and they look sharp with everything.

Oh how I LOVE this Carry All bag from remi & reid. It’s such a pretty blush color, and it’s HUGE!! I mean, fits books, groceries, extra clothes, a small child, huge! Initially I wasn’t so sure about carrying a purse this size, but now I’m a big purse convert. And the straps stay on my shoulder like they should. Lord I hate a purse with floppy straps (floppy is rarely a good thing).

Now let me show y’all some shoes and bags I’m lusting for. Let’s see how long it takes me to add them to my collection. Enjoy!!!

                                                                          Tory Burch Mini Miller


Madewell Lace-up Sandal


Sole Society Calf Hair Espadrilles


Sole Society Striped Envelope Clutch

.                                                                Jessica Simpson Blush Ruffle Purse

Thanks for stopping by today.  I sure hope you found something that tripped your trigger.  Don’t forget to come back Wednesday to see Anjanette’s sandal and purse picks.  Now go out and make it a great week!!!


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  1. Check it out!! I didn’t wait til Friday! And I wasn’t disappointed!! I love reading your blogs..
    Great sandals and bags….on to the next….

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