My Week in Review

Hey, Hey, Hey we’re back!!! Did you miss us?? This week has been a bit crazy, so it’s every sister for herself. Honestly it was all I could do to throw this post together. I’m sorry, but some weeks that’s just the way it goes.

So my family had a lovely beach vacation planned in Ocean Isle, NC. It’s the first week long Beach vacay we would have had in quite a while. Well my youngest son’s Little League Juniors All Star team threw a bit of a wrench into our plans. Long story short, along with the weather and our boys winning games I really needed them to lose (just kidding- sort of), our vacation got bitch slapped. So my youngest and my husband didn’t actually make it to the beach until Wednesday morning. On the bright side, I got to spend some awesome time with my big boy (Yes he’s almost 20, and yes I still call him my big boy. Don’t judge me!) , Anjanette, and her big boy.

Charlie and I hangin on the beach.

Charlie sleeping on our balcony after a long day on the beach.

Gotta get a selfie on the beach!

My boy Daniel finally made it down to the beach!!!

Eating out with the fam! Hey I didn’t say BEACH! Lol

Sooooo Clif, Daniel and my nephew Nathan made it down to the beach around 1:30 Wednesday morning, following Daniel’s All Star game. While it sucked that they missed most of our vacation, his team did win the District Championship and move onto States!!! Did you hear me people?!?! My boy and his buddies moved onto States! How freakin exciting is that!!!! So that meant heading straight from Ocean Isle to Forest City, NC. What, you’ve never heard of Forest City? Yep, me neither. So we packed all Daniel’s baseball crap and all our beach crap into the Cadillac and got on the road again. We looked like the dang Clampetts. Poor Daniel was wedged into the back seat like a sardine, but five and a half hours later, we made it! The things we do for our kids.

I must say, Forest City, NC was a pleasant surprise!! The downtown area was adorable, with sweet little shops and cool little restaurants. The food was fantastic. If you’re ever this way, you’ve gotta try The Copper Penny, Davis Doughnuts, and Smith’s Drugs. I wish you could have seen the piece of grilled pound cake and ice cream I had!!! Lord have mercy! The people were nothing but kind and friendly! Oh and all the trees downtown were lit up with little sparkly lights at night. Don’t you just love that?

Enjoying some family time in downtown Forest City.

Look at the Cool flower owl we found in the center of town!

Daniel and his buddy Jackson posing with the awesome town mural. This town is just the cutest!

Petting my fox (uhhh that doesn’t sound right) in Forest City!

What a sweet little town!!

I’ve had people ask how I can stand spending so many of my weekends on the ball field. I say, how can you stand spending your weekends anywhere else?? I can’t put into words how much I LOVE watching my boy play ball, while hanging out with my baseball mom buddies. At one point in the season, Daniel was playing for three teams (Travel, Middle School and Little League Juniors). Yes that’s a lot of ball, but he truly loves it! He has worked so hard and come so far as a ball player. He has had some awesome coaches that have encouraged him and believed in him. And along the way he (and I) have made so many memories and formed so many friendships. God it’s a beautiful thing!!!

Clayton Little League Juniors All Stars

Waiting for the game to start. Daniel is #7.

My boy on the bump!

Hot Baseball Mamas!!!

I wish I could say our boys were victorious. Sadly we got our butts handed to us twice. That’s just the way it goes sometimes. Despite our losses, our boys had an amazing time playing Hotel Hide-n-Seek and playing in the pool. Like one of our boys said, it was like a big two night sleepover.

So while our week didn’t go as planned, man-oh-man what sweet memories we made! From playing Yahtzee with Charlie and his cousin Bryce, to hanging at the hotel pool with Daniel and his baseball buds. I am beyond thankful for it all!

I have no idea what’s coming from my sisters this week. Let’s find out together on Wednesday!


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  1. Yes! (We missed you) 😂
    I can totally relate to this whole blog except for how dang hot you look in a two piece – you go girl!

  2. Congratulations to Daniel and his team for winning the District Championship. We should plan to come see him play next season!

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