Anjanette’s Spring/Summer in Review

It’s Wednesday Friend’s Day!!! I am counting down the days to school starting for my youngest son Nathan.  I do not look forward to getting back on a schedule.  I mean, I am on a schedule during the summer months, but not as strict.  My oldest son Bryce is moving into his first off-campus place at Clemson tomorrow.  The minute I get used to having him around, BOOM, he’s gone again.  I am happy that he is spreading his wings, but it sure is hard for this Mama to push him out of the nest.

The Nettes have shown you many different styles throughout the Spring and Summer.  During that time I traveled to Ireland, several beaches, and many baseball fields, all the while doing my best to look pulled together and stylish.

Here are some of my favorite looks from the past 3-4 months.  Please leave a comment below and let me know which is your favorite.

So what do you think?? I know which one is my favorite, but can’t wait to hear which one is yours.

So glad you stopped by!! Friday it’s Raenette’s turn to show off her Spring/Summer collection. Come back and check it out!!


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  1. Going with #4 – but, you rocked them all! Five is a close second!
    Hugs to you tomorrow as you drop Bryce off at his new digs. Growing up so fast!! You must be so proud of that Clemson boy!!! He’s going to move the world with that smart brain of his! ❤️

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