Summer to Fall: How to Transition Your Wardrobe

It’s the end of Summer ya’ll!! Can’t you just hear the happiness in that sentence?  Time to pack away the hoochie mama shorts and crop tops and break out the sweaters and boots.  How many times have you done just that and then BOOM, it is 85 degrees for several days or weeks?  Or, it starts out 40 degrees in the morning, but by lunch you are sweating buckets.  Well, welcome to my world.  You just never know what you’re gonna get.  Just as in Spring, layering is the key to transitioning your wardrobe from Summer into Fall.

Dress// Sandals// Necklace

Look at this cute little sundress I recently purchased from Target. I found it in the swimsuit cover-up section of their website.  Well, it is the exact same dress I bought from Forever 21 three years ago, but this one is black and that one was white.  It ain’t a cover-up people!! It’s a dang dress!!!

Dress//  Jacket//  Boots// Necklace

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, layering.  It would be a shame to put this sweet number away just because it gets cool outside.  All you need to do is throw on a jean jacket, swap out sandals for cowboy boots and voila, you’re good to go. This works with most of your little Summer dresses. Give it a try!

Blouse// Jeans// Wedges

Do you have a pair of white jeans that you love?  You know I do.  Well, if you were raised by a Propa Southern Mama, as I was, you were taught that no white should be worn after Labor Day.  You were also taught that ladies don’t curse and drink beer.  Well, if we’re going to break one of Mama’s rules, we might as well break them all!  Can I get an AMEN?!  I wear my white jeans and white jean skirt year round.  In the summer I wear them with this lovely sheer top and of course, wedge sandals.

Blouse// Jeans// Kimono// Boots

When the temps start to drop and I need to cozy up a little, I slip on this beautiful kimono and my tan boots.  You can also pop on a plum satin bomber jacket and some clogs.  See, the possibilities are endless. All it takes is a little creativity.

So no need to break the bank when the weather turns cool. Those Summer favorites can be turned into Fab Fall Fashion with just a little know how.


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