To Our Veterans

Today is not about clothes or shoes or gifts. This post is to honor all the men and women that have served and continue to serve in our Armed Forces. This is also to honor all the families that served right there with them.

You see, my sweet Daddy served in the Navy for twenty seven years. I was always so proud to tell my friends he served during WWII. I even took in his medals and things for a big WWII project in High School. Other than being born on a Naval base in Puerto Rico, Anjanette and I really didn’t live the life of Navy brats. Daddy retired when we were very young. Raenette and our brothers sure did though. And my Mama, bless her heart, lived the life of a Navy wife with grace and dignity. My Daddy said he knew he never had to worry about us kids when he was out to sea, because my Mama always took care of business. Lord how I respected her for that! She said there were times she thought she may lose her mind, but that woman was tough as Hell.

Flying that Navy flag with pride.

We had to get a pic with the Naval veteran in uniform.

Just hanging out with Congressman David Price.

Raenette and I at the Navy Memorial.

Thanks to my Daddy and all the men and women that have selflessly served this country, we were able to gather on a gorgeous November day in my hometown of Knightdale to dedicate The Armed Forces Memorial Plaza. We stood out under a beautiful blue sky, with friends, community leaders, political leaders, religious leaders and veterans from every branch, all there to remember and honor the sacrifices so many have made to protect our rights in this country. As each flag representing each branch of the military was raised, my heart was full. As Taps was played, I, as always, wiped tears from my eyes.

I needed today. I needed to feel a sense of pride in my country. I needed to feel a sense of community amongst friends and strangers. I needed to remember my sweet, handsome, brave Daddy. I needed to feel close to him and to my fellow Americans. I needed to remember the good, the pure, the honest, the true. I needed to remember where I came from and who I am.

I am so very grateful to those that have answered the call to serve this country. Those that have left the comforts of home to fight on foreign ground. Those that have spent holidays, Birthdays, anniversaries, away from the ones they love. Thank you Sir and thank you Ma’am for your honored service. May God bless you all!


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  1. Thank you for this post! I made me cry and I don’t have any direct family that served, but I have friends and workmates who have family who have (someone named Antoinette comes to mind). With the riffs in our country right now with people taking sides and being so angry with each other over our differences and ideas, the least we can do is to come together to honor those who fought for our rights to be able to disagree! (I prefer the non-violent and non-anger infused disagreements)! Love you and your family! ~ Michele

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