Picking and a Grinning

About a month or so ago my friend and neighbor Jennifer texted and asked if I wanted to join her on a Picking Trip. My first thought was where the heck are we gonna go to pick apples? For real! Yes I’m a big ole dummy! For those as dingy as me, a Picking Trip is an antiquing trip. Heck yeah! Sign me up!!!

So last Saturday, Jennifer and I boarded a bus with about 20 or so other women and our Picking Trip organizer, Emily of Emily & Co. The deal is you don’t know where you’re heading until everyone is on the bus. How freakin FUN is that!!! I do love a surprise! Once you reach your destination, you then travel to 6-7 different shops. It’s like a dream come true for this shopping Mama!

I know you’re dying to know where we went! I’ll give ya a hint. We had BBQ for lunch.

Getting our caffeine on. Gotta have energy for all that snatching and grabbing.

Jennifer jumping on the bus to get us seats up front. Ain’t nobody got time to be behind a bunch of slow pokes when we get to the shops!

Where are we going Emily?!?! Where are we going??

Fortunately Jennifer is a seasoned picker (of antiques, not boogers) and knows all the little tricks, like getting a seat at the front of the bus! Out of my way Janice, I’ve got shopping to do!! So where was our bus headed?? Did you guess? Where do you go to get the best BBQ in NC? That’s right, eastern NC, specifically Greenville, Winterville and Simpson.

On the way to our first stop, Jennifer and I had the chance to catch up. We also had the chance to get to know some of our seat neighbors. It was so nice to just put our phones away and actually talk face-to-face. I enjoyed that almost as much as the shopping. 😜

We’re on our way!!!

Major score on our very first stop!! Actually scored two bamboo tables!

Who you calling a loose goose? Lol. Neat antique shop outside of Winterville.

Ooooo what did Emily find??

Yes I know I cut off the “y”. The Alley is another super cute shop in Winterville. The owners were so sweet and accommodating!

Even Santa couldn’t resist a little shopping time. Now get your booty on back to the North Pole!

All that shopping makes a girl hungry. This baked potato from Sam Jones BBQ hit the spot!

Our last stop of the day, The Venue in Greenville.

Worn out but still smiling. Ready to get back on that bus and head home.

What a super fun day we had!! Yes I did some damage, but kept it between the lines. What did I find, you may ask? Two awesome bamboo side tables (I’ve been looking for some for forever!), a vintage Christmas tablecloth, homemade salsa and homemade jelly. No I didn’t find something at every stop, but I sure enjoyed seeing what others found. It’s so cool to see people’s different tastes and what they gravitate towards.

I have to admit I was a little anxious about this trip to begin with. I had visions of all these women running into a little antique shop, pushing and shoving to be the first through the door. Me spotting the perfect little knick-knack across the store, only to have someone snatch it up before I can get to it. Lord my blood pressure is rising just thinking about it. Fortunately for all involved, our day didn’t play out that way at all. So glad I didn’t have to break out my karate moves.

If you’re interested in joining in on one of these awesome Picking Trips, make sure to follow Emily on Instagram @Shopemilyco or online at emilyco-Raleigh.com.

Here’s a BIG shout out to my friend Jennifer for inviting me on this trip! It was a great day!!

Just in case you were wondering, here are our outfit details.

Jennifer’s Outfit:  Sweater (JCrew last year. Similar Here)// Shirt// Vest// Jeans// Shoes// Purse

Antoinette’s Outfit:  Sweater// Shirt// Jeans// Shoes// Purse


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