Hanging My Memories on the Tree

I love sitting in my family room with only the lights from my Christmas tree on.  It’s almost magical.  I can sit and stare at my tree for hours.  I love looking at each of my ornaments and thinking  about the memories behind each one.

Not many of you know, but in October of 2010 I lost 60% of my home to a fire.  It was, besides the death of my parents, the hardest and saddest thing I had ever been through.  The sweet firefighters were able to save many of my photos and keepsakes.  Unfortunately, very few of my many ornaments were saved.  At that point I had been collecting Hallmark Ornaments for over 20 years. But, the ones I was most upset about were the handmade ones from my boys.  They were irreplaceable, but they were just things in the end.  What really mattered was that Nathan and I plus our dog Lacie got out unharmed.  We were very blessed.  Neither Bryce nor my ex-husband were home when the fire occurred.

Several years after the fire I was putting up my tree and really missing the ornaments I had lost.  Then it hit me, EBAY!!! I hopped on their site and was able to find several of my favorites.  I had some of my memories back on my tree where they belonged.

This first ornament is called “Two Peas in a Pod”.  Antoinette originally bought it for me back in 1990.  I love it because it has always reminded me of the two of us.

Another ornament from the early 90’s is this happy Santa with a tummy full of chocolate chip cookies.  Isn’t he the cutest?  Maybe he needs a bit of exercise.

It’s ok to eat cookies while you’re on your workout bike, right? I mean it’s better than nothing.  Just wind him up and watch him go.  You can do it Santa!! I’ll be right there with you come January.

This little Johnny Jump-Up Ornament was bought for Nathan’s First Christmas.  I was so happy to have been able to find it again.  It takes me right back to 2005.  We were so lucky to have our new baby boy.

After I had my first child, I couldn’t wait to buy a “Mommy” ornament for myself.  I was unable to find the one I bought when I had Bryce.  I was able to find the Mother and Son Snowpeople Ornaments from soon after Nathan made me a Mom again.

Miraculously, I was able to salvage 2 ornaments from the actual ashes of the fire.  One is from Bryce’s first Christmas, and the other is from him in kindergarten. To say I treasure them with all of my heart is an understatement.

Over the past 8 years I have added some new Hallmark Ornaments to my collection.  Some of my favorites are from the Hot Rod Musical Car Series.  They play everything from “I can’t Drive 55” to “Low Rider”.  They make me happy.

Bryce brought me this beautiful ornament from  his visit to the Netherlands earlier this year.  I love to pick-up trinkets for my tree on my travels as well.  Look at this lovely tree ornament I got on our tour of the Jameson Distillery in Ireland.

To me, a Christmas Tree should tell the story of your life.  Marriage, babies born, vacations, and fun times you’ve had over the years that you get to re-live every time you hang your old friends on the tree.

And here’s another one for the road…


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  1. I loved this post.. I hated that you lost all of your treasured ornaments in that fire, and am so glad you were able to replace some.. I too love to sit and look at the tree and reminisce.. Loved seeing some of your favorites!! You’ve got some cute ones ( ornaments and sons)!!!

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