A Week in the Life of My Diet

Lord we finally made it through January! I swear January felt like it had 96 days. Maybe because I went most of the month without buying one damn thing for myself. Plus, like so many others, I started my diet. Yes I still call it a “Diet”. You can call it a Lifestyle Change if that makes ya feel better. Anyway ya slice it, I can’t eat my bread, cake, chips, etc like I want to, and it’s tough!!!

Anjanette revealed last week that she is gonna give the Noom App a try for her weight loss program. I’ve decided to go back to my 1200 calorie, low carb game plan. I am also trying desperately to eat more clean.

So how’s it going so far, you may ask?? Well this is what my typical week has looked like-

Monday: “Oh Hell yeah I’m all over this clean eating thing. I love eating salads everyday for lunch! Oh and boiled eggs are my favorite! Who needs chocolate when you’ve got raw almonds??”

Tuesday: “Wow I did pretty dang good yesterday, but didn’t lose a damn pound!! WTF?? I’ve still got this! My body just needs the chance to register the changes I’ve made. I know, today I’ll add some yummy pumpkin seeds to my salad. That’s the way to switch things up! Watch out bikini, here I come!”

Wednesday: “Holy crap, when’s the last time I ate anything besides a freakin cheese stick? I’ve been eating so clean for two whole days, and I still haven’t lost a Fing pound!! Hmmm maybe I’ll just have a chip or two. Yes I’m eating some chips! What are you the Food Police?! I’m not grumpy! You’re grumpy!”

Thursday: “Ok, ok, ok I know I’ve lost a couple of pounds by now! WHAT!!!! A half a pound?!?!?! Are you freakin kidding meeee!!! (Kicks scale) F this Fing crap!!! Screw this!!! Give me that chocolate Santa out of Daniel’s Christmas stocking. I’m eating that bastard!”

Friday: “Wow I’m still stuck at that half pound. Damnit to Hell!! It had to be that dang chocolate Santa. I can’t believe I can’t make it more than a couple of days without blowing it! I suck!! Oooo pizza!!”

Saturday/Sunday: “I’m 52 years old and still look pretty dang good! Life is short ya know! Why am I wasting so much time worrying about these few extra pounds? It’s actually pretty self-centered. I don’t want to be self-centered! Let’s go eat!

Monday: How did I gain back that dang half pound?? Ok this week I’m doing this for sure! I MEAN IT!!!

Sound familiar to anyone out there?? So, yes, I’ve been riding the diet struggle bus for sure. I’m trying to change my “all or nothing” thought process and give myself credit for the small victories. For example, I have worked out consistently and, overall, have made better food choices. Unfortunately these changes haven’t added up to much change on the scale. And no, my clothes aren’t fitting better either. But I’M NOT GIVING UP!!!

Let’s all encourage each other and pump each other up and keep striving towards a healthier life!

I’d love to hear how things are going for you thus far. Are you killin it or is it killin you?? Lol. Drop a comment below!

I SWEAR I’m gonna do better this weekend. No, really, I am!! 😜


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  1. Antoinette- You too crack me up! I am on week 3 of WW again.. I’ve lost count how many starts this is for me.. I am on my way back from a trip to San Diego- where I have done the best I could to make good choices, having to eat out all the time. I went to the same Italian restaurant twice because the salad was that good- lol! It really was.. arugula is delicious ha! – I had fish both nights- no pasta and veggies only.. Now, I’m sure that the damn fish and veg were prepared with butter etc; but like you I am basking in the small victories! I had one small piece of bread rather than the entire basket! Victory! I ignored the croissants at breakfast and chose eggs.. I even skipped the chocolates at the meeting I was at when they were staring me in the face! Victory.. Now- we’ll see how victorious I am when I get home and weigh in.. I have that pesky 40 lbs to lose again; and I swear it best be the last time!!

  2. Way to go! Believe me if you continue to eat well, you will begin enjoying the nuances of flavor, color, and texture of healthy eating.

    And you will lose weight….oh and actually a day off you diet is a good thing. So go for it🥑🍎🍏🥚🥗🍟🍔🥞

  3. Girl…! This weekend proved to me why working away from home is a good thing…there is no pantry there! It’s tough to diet in winter anyway because our bodies hibernate just like bears! At least that and my thyroid condition and being close to menopause, and the arthritis in my knees and hip, is what I tell anyone who will listen…I think you look awesome regardless. I was your size twice in my life…for about a week and a half in the 4th grade and the day I got married! Enjoy being a hot mamma at 52 and looking as good as you do! ❤ u!

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