Valentine’s Day For Your Man

Ok ladies, it’s almost Valentine’s Day!  It’s just another day on the calendar you say?  Oh come on! Everybody likes to be shown how much they are loved.  Show him that you appreciate him starting your car for you on cold mornings.  Tell him thank you for understanding that you are a crazy hormonal mess sometimes.  Did he emphatically answer “No” the last time you asked him if you looked fat?  Well there ya go!  That man deserves a little something something for knowing the right answer.  Following are a few items I think any guy would love to receive this Valentine’s Day.

First on my list is a box of Our Memories Conversation Cards.  Does your date night with your husband, boyfriend, significant other go something like this…A nice dinner has been eaten.  You’ve thrown a few cocktails back.  You’ve talked about the kids, their baseball or soccer or whatever and how your job is going.  Now you are sitting in silence staring at your phones.  Whew, that’s a bore snore.  Here come conversation cards to the rescue! They have questions and topics that are meant to spark-up some verbal intercourse (ha! I said intercourse).  It’s a means of learning new things about one another if you’ve been together 20 years or 20 months.  Slip a few cards in your purse on your way to dinner, a party or long car rides.  They are great for anytime you need help communicating.

Who here could use a little more adventure in their life?  Damn, I know I could.  How about we go skydiving?  Well, the idea of plunging to my death after my parachute fails to open and leaving my kids without a parent doesn’t sound very fun to me.  But, indoor skydiving sounds like a freaking blast!!! Cloud 9 Living Experiences has locations in many major cities including Raleigh and Charlotte.  They not only offer indoor skydiving but also the regular jumping out of an airplane lost your freaking mind kind.  If neither of these are your cup of tea, go to their website for a full list of the adventures they offer.  Admit it, seeing your man driving a race car or flying through the air would kind of turn you on.

Does your man drink bourbon?  How about coffee?  If so, here is the perfect gift for him (ahhh hmmm Antoinette) Bourbon Infused Coffee.  I know a bag of coffee beans doesn’t sound too thrilling on it’s own, but if you bring a cup of Joe to him in bed whilst you wear say high heels and not much else, BAM this gift just got HOT HOT HOT!

If he’d rather skip the coffee and just drink the bourbon or whiskey or some other libation,  these super sexy handmade glasses are perfect.  Do you see what I see? Yes, that’s a real bullet!  Isn’t that the coolest thing ever?  Their website says “Feel bulletproof when throwing back 100 proof.  Bottoms up.”  Lol I love a clever slogan, and he’ll love these glasses.

Last on my list of gifts for him is YOU.  Don’t act coy with me.  You know exactly what I mean. What is it that every red blooded male thinks about at least 100 times per day? SEX!  So it is up to you to make sure you are a part of his fantasy.  Believe me, if you aren’t someone else is. Take a little extra time at the Walmart and pick out some sexy lingerie. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on it because you won’t be wearing it long.  Then head on over to your local adult goodies shop.  You know the one Adam and Eve, Priscilla McCalls, Hoochie Coochies R Us, whatever they call it in your neck of the woods.  Now go on inside.  Yes you!  It’s not against the law ya know.  You’re a grown ass woman, damnit!! Look around and find something new that you would both enjoy.  Take it from me, your man will reward you for it.  You’re welcome.

Happy Valentine’s Day my loves😘


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