More Spring Goodness

Oh what a beautiful weekend we had here in my little neck of North Carolina!! Spring Fever is in full effect!! Sadly, these mild temps come and go quickly in NC. I’m enjoying it while I can!!!

So I told y’all we’d be sharing some of the items we found on our sisters’ shopping trip last weekend. It was a successful trip for me for sure! Loft was running 40% off, AND I had Loft Bucks to burn. Yes you can combine the two. I had no idea. That helped me get 4 nice pieces for less than $100!!! That’s a good day my friends! A good day indeed!

What’s so exciting about a plain white sweater, you may ask. WAIT FOR IT……..

BAM! There’s a party in the back!!

How freakin cute is that?!?!?!

AND it’s striped!!!! OMG!!!!

Sweater// Jeans// Flats// Sunglasses

I have to give Anjanette credit for spotting this adorable little sweater. She, and everybody else, knows how much I love my stripes!! From the front it’s just another white sweater, but turn around, and it’s a show stopper! I just love the peek-a-boo crossover back and the sweet little bow at the neck. This sweater is quite thin, so I put a white cami underneath. I do think it would be fine without the cami, but you’ll need a pretty bra underneath. Unfortunately, all mine are boring old lady bras. I’ve gotta work on that!

No surprise, I paired this with my favorite jeans and my pointy toe, patent leather red flats. I’ve had these for years, but a similar pair can be found HERE.

It’s become increasingly difficult to find pieces that stand out. Pieces that make a statement and make me feel cool every time I put them on. This sweater is definitely one of those pieces.

I’ll be sharing my other finds later. Don’t forget to come back Friday to see what Anjanette and I both just had to have!

If I haven’t mentioned it lately, we REALLy appreciate y’all stopping by. Have a great week my sweet friends!


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