About Us

Hi! We are the “Nette” sisters.  I’m Antoinette, and these are my sisters Anjanette and Raenette.  Yes those are our real names, and no our mother was not smoking crack when she named us.  Raenette is the oldest sister, and Anjanette and I are twins.  We also have two brothers, but they don’t know squat about fashion.  Raenette and I live in the sweet little town of Clayton, N.C., and Anjanette lives outside of Charlotte.  We love, LOve, LOVE to shop and hope to bring to you some REAL LIFE fashion that you can afford without taking out a second mortgage on your home.  We hope to highlight and support local boutiques, shops, artisans and restaurants along the way.  This Blog has been a dream of ours for a while, and with Raenette turning 60 and Anjanette and I turning 50, we figured it’s now or never.  So here we go!!!

This Blog is dedicated to the memory of our Mother, Myrtle.  Lord that woman could shop with the best of em.